Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Frieda and Ted Hughes, Westminster Abbey, poetry Seamus Heaney, Hughie Green and other things

The English teacher was back today, she was telling us about yesterday when she arrived at school and was wiping the blackboard and then the next thing she found herself walking in the wood as The Living Dead. It was concentrating on the avoidance of walking in bear poo that finally brought her out of that state. Well those bears do have a bit of a reputation in the woods.

So she said that she wanted us to write some poetry about events in the news today. Poetry; what is that going to do to the block buster movie it might end up like that Mamma Mia movie, still on the bright side it would allow the opportunity for a lot more zombies. So like yesterday this is my poem (not a fairy Tale)

 I heard my friend Miss Frieda Hughes
On my radio, on the National News
Today at Westminster, there will be a plaque
Held in place with some new Blue-tack
Or maybe they’ll use something, which will hold it firmer
To keep it attached to Terra firma.
And as time does pass, one thing we know
Poets come, and Poets go
And because Ted Hughes was rather famous
Some words will be read by his mate Seamus ……………..
Not the famous Hughie Greenieeee

The English teacher said it was OK right up to the point where I mentioned Hughie Green, apparently he is not quiet that famous and the international audience will all go WHO? WHAT? I did try to explain it is good to stretch the minds of the international audience, but mum said IDIOT when I told her....  



  1. A poem full of wonder,
    that is what we have here.
    for you Rob and you alone,
    I shall a Heart felt cheer!

    for poetry is not easy,
    its hard to find a rhyme for orange.
    but if you squint - you can get away with
    use of the word lozenge.

    Loving your work as always Mr Tobor.

  2. sorry, just read what i posted as a comment and realised the first first is missing the word "raise". you can put the word "raise" anywhere you see fit but i would recommend using it as the third word on the forth line. sorry and thankyou for your time.

  3. Thank you Mr H I will leave all as it is because I understand these sorts of error rather well, it shows we are human and therefore do human things like shout at pigeons and eat ice cream and the like. Hope all is well and Mrs H is happy with the new house.