Friday, 16 March 2012

The Oslo Ocarina Orchestral Ensemble, a Octagon Obelisk and Orienteering

After an Ordinary start to the day and an Ostrich egg Omelette, school started in an ordered way with the Oslo Ocarina Orchestral ensemble playing Offenburg’s Overture “Ode to the opossum”. I am not a fan of over elaborate ostentatious music but it could have been worse they have been known to play covers of the Osmond’s. Still I found myself distracted by Ollie with a Ouija board in a orange overcoat at the back of the Hall going Ooooooooooo is there anybody out there send me an Omen.

The headmaster was outraged when he spotted Ollie and threw an Oyster at him (an Oyster?.........Odd). Anyway after Origami in the art lesson where I made an Osprey and an orang-utan and then a bit of science using the Oscilloscope to prove that a Octagon Obelisk in an omnipresent state is subject to Osmosis.

I was shocked to find we had been ordered to spend the afternoon Orienteering. Well do I look like an Orienteer, No I am more the Open University sort of Operative and opposed to all optimistic running about with a map.

Once everyone was lined up we were off, the more Olympian, Old school tie Omnivorous when OFF into the distance, but I had an Outside bet that Olive the Old Lady from the Oslo Ocarina Orchestral ensemble would outwit them all. And sure enough by half way she had overtaken all and one the race (yes yes I know) with ease. Making me an Overnight millionaire.   

So after a trip home on an old 97 horsepower London Transport diesel engine OMNIBUS I celebrated with roast OWL sandwiches

Meanwhile the dog was out with the Oxyacetylene equipment and Ouzo cutting up the phone box and telling passers by he was being an Oxymoron …….Mum said IDIOT

I could go ON and ON and ON and ON ……..but we are going OUT for a meal at The Sun thanks to Miss Tiggy and Mr. Chris.

O And Happy Birthday Sally



  1. Wait...who was in the orange overcoat? Ollie or the Ouija board?

    1. Well you are right about that it could be either but it is these small errors that make having this practice run A to Z all worth while.

      As the old saying goes "Walking Blind Fold among the Cactus is Just A Stab In The Dark"

      Take care Miss Lily