Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Queen, Quasimodo, Don Quixote and Quatermass playing Quoits

It has been a quiet quintessentially quaint sunny spring Sunday, I say quaint because at least a quarter of the great British public can be found quarrelling in queues at shops like B&Q. Trying to buy some quality items and save a few quid in a no quibble semi-quasi deal. The dog said with the letter Q I needed all the help I could get so was shouting Quack at me while riding past on a Quad bike.

With it being Mothers Day in the UK we had QUINCE and Quail (not Dan) sandwiches and the Queen of Qatar and her pals Quasimodo  , Quatermass and Don Quixote  came, so we all played Quoits’. Although Quasimodo (one of Quintuplets apparently) quit a bit on the quick side, but he was feeling Queasy so spent the evening throwing bits of quartz into the quicksand and watching the skies for Quasar’s.

We ended the day with a huge bonfire on the quadrangle (Patio)  which the  Queen of Qatar and  Don Quixote said we should Quench but the dog insisted they filled in a questionnaire first to see if they were qualified to assess Bonfires or discuss Quantum Physics. He then added that they did not form a Quorum anyway so, Quid Pro Quo (no sorry it was Yah Sucks Boo)

Sorry I am late but that bonfire was quite large and I had to watch it until it quietened down a bit. And that Quasimodo has been on the Bells Whisky and said I am his best mate in all the world …………… Mum just added IDIOT  



  1. I read your quotes quite quietly and quickly.

  2. Haha! Just imagining 'Dan Quail' pie.

    Can't believe you're already up to the letter 'Q'!

    1. Not to far to go then start all over again in April for real