Tuesday, 27 March 2012

James Bond and the Zombies of Zanzibar in the Zoological Gardens

Dad promised to take me to school in a Z Car, not the classic 1960’s television show but a Zonda…… WELL COOL. Well I thought it was going to be a Zonda only it turned out to be a Ford  Zodiac …….AH. We were hardly going to zoom to school, although dad did hit a Zedu (an Ox) at the Zebra Crossing and somebody in a Zoot suit with a  Zither. As dad said you should never dither with a Zither

Then the head master said we were all going to the Zoological gardens today and maybe the Zoo, on the school bus driven by Mr Zackary the New Zealand Zoology teacher, to celebrate the end of the Alphabet….

Despite everyone buying a novelty Zeppelin model in the shape of a Zebra at the ZOO and then finding out it was a no fly Zone (although there were some who thought they may have just banned Flies), there were very few Z’s about. 

So we decided to do one of my famous film re-enactments, this time it was James Bond and the Zoo Zombies of Zanzibar. Where Tim played Zorro the evil arch villain, Esmeralda played Zelda the arch villains Floozy and Me as Jamezzz Bond, Hero (well its my story so Ya Sucks Boo) and everyone else played the Zoo Zombies of Zanzibar egg-zept the Headmaster  

It would be difficult to write the entire plot so here is a small extract          

Zorro ……. Zo Mr Bond I have Zoo trapped in zee pit of Zombies HAH HAHAH HAH hah ah aha hhah hah hahh 

Bond…….. Your evil plot will never work Zorro

Zelda……. HAH Hah ahh ah hhah hahah

Zorro……. Zee Zoo Zombies will Zuck zee brains ouT of Zore Z (head), Mr Zond (Bond)

Bond……. I think you will find that I am repellent to Zoo Zombies I have been injected by none other than ”Z” who replaced “M” last year.

Zorro….. “M” waz replazed by” Z”. I waz not told Ziss, Zelda; Y did you not inform Uz of Zis

Zelda….. Don’t blame me Zorro, What with Feed the Zoo Zombies, Get Zee Car.  DO Zis, Do Zat, Flutter My eyez at zee Zero’s (sorry Hero’s) etztra  etztra.

Zorro…… Ziss iz of no import-zance. Zee Zoo Zombies of Zanzibar will Zip (Rip) Zoo apart anyway Mr ZOND (Bond)…. Get Zim Zombies HAHAHAH hah ah hah ah hah ha hah hahah hah hhahah hha.

Zelda….. Hahah hah hah ah hah hah hahah hhahahahhhhah ha

Zoo Zombies AAAAuuuuuuuuughgghghggggghhhhhh zzz Auuuuugghhhhhh and so on

Headmaster ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

TO BE CONTINUED:- (30th April) unless I can think of something better?

Zee Zend of Zee Zalphazet foz Nowz 



  1. Yaay! I have enjoyed Mr Rob Z, watching your transition from A-Z, in writing from A-Z...hold on...I've confused myself.

    Well done!

    1. Many Thanks Miss Lily it will be interesting to see what happens when all 1400 blogs start doing the A to Z in a couple of days time