Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How to plot a TRAPEZOIDAL TANGENTIAL TRIANGULAR route on a map and the Chinese Takeaway

I have just finished a cup of tea (I like it weak with loads of milk and sugar) and am now contemplating T, not the drink I just drank, or the Tibetan Tortoise and Tartar Toasted Tart with Tamarind and Tomato Topping which we were going to have for Tea (as in Dinner). Well we were until the Ghost Writer traumatized the trades people who were due to fit our carpet, and had telephoned to play tactics and tell us they needed to delay everything yet again until at least tomorrow.

The Ghost Writer as you know is a Techy and IT guru for Citizens Advice, Trading Standards and Napoleon Beelzebub’s now X shop, and said Turn up or Terrible torments of Trigonometry and Trogan Trolls will Trigger the Termination of your Trade in Cyberspace. Anyway an hour later the carpet is being laid WELL COOL.  The result is our evening meal in now a Chinese Takeaway……. So YUM Well Tasty.

At school Mr Tailor the Maths Teacher was saying that the Tangent to the Trapezium was TECHNICALLY TRANSVERSE the total Trapezoid’s Transverse Triangle. The class all nodded knowingly but the truth was no one knew what he was talking about. Then in the Geography Class Mr Truman said; we will do Topography today so plot a Trapezoidal Tangential Trianglar route on your map to the top of table top Mountain using the traditional Tourist track or the tricky Tribal trail through the  Tundra and tropical trees ………WHAT? In English Mrs Thomas said we must not start our sentences with a T in fact it is best avoiding words starting in T altogether ……………………AH. Then Esmeralda Threw a Pink ToeD Tarantula at her. Mrs Thomas is going to have therapy tomorrow and maybe some Transcendental meditation for trauma caused by a Tarantula.

The Trials and Tribulations of life are taking there toll now so time to tackle the trillion other tasks

 The carpet men have gone now and still have work to do but at least they have done the main bits…… they said they will be back tomorrow, a Letter U day; the day of the Un-dead so they better watch out or else  
I cant think of a better piece of music for today (above)

and (for Mr ESB, Mr H & Miss Lily)
It takes Much longer to get up north the long way



  1. Um .. ah,,,,well lets see, I don't how to pro-per-ly tell you this, and don't go run off and do anthing cwazy-like and hurt yourself, but, um, ah, how can I put it to you very gently, lets see, its T day right? And between you and I we know lotza people with T names, right? Um, .... Ron, you forgot to include a TOBOR ... After forgeting Ron on R day, and now Tobor today, I must say that you must be the least conceited person I know in cyberspace! You forgot yourself, my my my.

    1. Now look Here Mr ESB I understand what you are saying it is True I forgot Tobor, a slight error of judgement but I have a small question Who is Ron??????

      But I still have one change left to save the day because as you know my name is Rob Z Tobor so when I reach Z then I will use Zillion at least a Zillion times

      But tonight I am adding a song in response, because that is the sort of person I am

    2. Change ??? I mean Chance, stupid qwerty keyboard (Again)

    3. Oh, sorry, I know your name is Rob, but the letters B and N are right beside each other on the keyboard and I must have slipped sideways when typing, sorry about that! The font size for your comment box is rather small when its on my iPad, so it does make it difficult to proofread, especially when letters are very similar in shape. I don't remember if I proofread the comment that I left you, but I usually do, sorry about that.

    4. I actually typed your name wrong twice!

    5. I understand hitting the key next to the right key, very well and on a small thing like an eye .....enough said

  2. Replies
    1. Hello I have always been worried by the saying thumbs up, and tend to think to myself thumbs up what and why, is that good, what happens if your thumb gets stuck . Maybe one day I will google it to find out but then maybe I wont.

      And to make matters even worse I am now following your blog. I will try and view it on a regular basis but life the world and the Universe (dam useful U word for today as is Useful.

      Well many thanks for two U words Mr Darren