Saturday, 17 December 2011

Volvo Test Dummies and the Cormorant

I know my world often follows the fine line between reality and imagination, truth and fiction. Although as I have said many times before it is all based very much on fact and things just get scrambled in the parallel world of cyberspace by the brain of that very nice Ghost Writer. So I am sure it is with some scepticism on your part that I can tell you I am making a box for a Cormorant tonight.

It is not my fault this has happened it is all to do with making the Angel of the Norse and then it winning the Montgomery Christmas window competition, so it was decided I was the idea person to make the box for the beast (well Bird). Luckily we happen to have a life size model of a Cormorant at home, but I guess most people do these days; so I can use that one as a sort of Stunt Cormorant to test the box.

In the same way that Volvo cars test that their car seats are comfy with those dummy people.  Although why they then let them drive the car is anyone’s guess; because they always seem to crash the cars. You would think that Volvo would have learnt by now that you don’t let them have the keys, or as quick as you can say BREATH INTO THIS BAG SIR they are off and have hit a wall; you can see why they are called dummies.

On top of that I have been making letters, no not Hello Fred how are things, but A. B. C etc it is something I have to do.

Today has been not nice weather wise cold wet and stuff like that, but the sun did come out for a short while and one of the things about our classic 1970’s bungalow is the slightest bit of sun and it is suddenly very warm inside. Resulting in all the animals sunbathing, which then results in the rest of us falling over them.  OK that’s it I off I have a box to make for a Cormorant ……… No its true I really do.  

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