Friday, 30 December 2011

That Nostradamus bloke and the subject of fiery bangs and the end of the world in 2012

A wet dark sort of day, almost like winter although not very Christmassy. It is strange because almost the whole Christmas has not really felt very Christmassy. It is also very likely that we will start the New Year with a sort of whimper rather than a fiery bang like it should start.

While on the subject of fiery bangs I am sure that Nostradamus bloke who foretold of stuff like the world dominance of Burger King and that man (as in all men) would learn to use the screw driver and a spirit level. OK he was half right with that one, as men still have a habit of hammering in nails with the handle of their screwdriver and throw spirit levels at cats shouting oooooooooooo is there anybody there one meow for yes and two meow’s for NO. Or is that just dad?

Dam, Dam distracted yet again, as I was saying fiery bangs.  Nostradamus predicted that 2012 was the end of the world and it would end in a fiery bang. Someone told me that years ago when I was little (mmmm very little) so it must be true. And Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Curiosity Shop is closing this year and Britain is hosting the Olympics.  I don’t want to sound too negative but Britain doing the Olympics has got to be the kiss of death for it, not like some where they have been the death of many a simple working bloke (O no sorry politics Yicks).

After yesterday and the subject of Squirrels sort of coming up (that’s in conversation not as in regurgitation YUK) after I put fresh seed out for the birds today there was this huge fat Squirrel stuffing himself with seed “Just One more wafer thin mint seed” which leads me to a question one of you out there might be able to answer ……… Why are the squirrels still out and about and not hibernating, I thought Squirrels hibernated       

Not much happened today, I bet you can tell, but we can’t let a small issue like nothing happening stop me writing loads can we….


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  1. I wonder if squirrels can selectively not hibernate if they detect there is always an abundance of food available (i.e. bird feeders).