Sunday, 4 December 2011

A quite Sunday at home

We were dismantling the last of a rather badly made built-in wardrobe today and emptying more boxes. I forgot to say yesterday that I managed to stab my hand with the IKEA allen key, they are not very sharp so it takes a jolly good stab to do that. The reason I mention it is because mum managed to stab her hand today with a knife.

The result of this is that the dog and dad say they are doing nothing now in case they get stabbed by it, on the grounds that these things happen in threes. I don’t know where all that things happening in threes started from one would assume it must have started in three different places, if the saying is right or the saying would be wrong from day one or as is more likely, day three.

One thing I have discovered is that cello tape makes a better plaster than plasters do, that can’t be right, but it is. The plasters I was using would not stay on my thumb every time I washed my hands or did stuff they would fall off well by the third wash of my hands anyway, So after the third plaster I used cello tape and after just a short time,  say about three hours my injury was OK. It is not much of an injury just a slight hole the size of an allen key (I am not sure how big mums is the cut not an Allen key), as hers is wrapped up in tape of some sort too.

It has generally been a quiet day, partly because it was Sunday, partly because for a lot of the day it was cool and raining and partly because we have run out of steam today. Now bearing in mind all the steam powered items that have been discussed and mentioned in my diary over the last fifteen months or so running out of steam is a bad thing. Almost as bad as that time I had writers block and had to write loads of random rubbish to get over it, PHEW I bet you are glad I got over that …….. (The dog has implied that he thinks my readers still thing I am doing that).  I have warned him if he is critical I will change his name to Rover (no not the car)

It is late now so I will away I have to be up early tomorrow I am off to see Napoleon Beelzebub in his Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop. 

A song about Rover  .......WOOF?

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