Thursday, 1 December 2011

Italy and the Euro-zone, the European Central Bank. Nero and hot crumpets and butter

Well we are back a bit late tonight because it was late night shopping in Montgomery tonight so we have been helping Napoleon Beelzebub in Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop. What with all the mass’s doing their Christmas shopping. Only no one came in, well one person came in to say hello and pay for an item they had bought earlier so we ate chips from the chip shop and hot crumpets and butter while Rome burned?

Well that’s what Mr Beelzebub said but I was a bit confused as we are not in Rome and I don’t think its on fire, well not to my knowledge but them Mr Beelzebub knows a lot more than me about things burning. Still the hot crumpets were well yummy and so were the chip butties.

It will be late night shopping next week again on Thursday evening until 8:00pm inMontgomery so it will be interesting to see if Rome burns again.

Apparently it is some obscure satirical joke based on the economic climate of Italy and the Euro zone and the impending collapse of the Euro after the default of Italy on its debts due to increased interest rates by the Central European Bank or is it the European Central Bank. I didn’t know that but the dog says they plan to rename the Euro the Nero afterwards in recognition of the part that Rome will play it the Euro’s destruction. Mum has now told the dog and Mr Beelzebub off for ruining a good diary with politics and economics.  I quite agree; thank God no one has mentioned religion …. HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha hah ahhaha hahh hah haha hahh hah ah ahahah hah hah hah  …..OK mum has said IDIOT now, Still the last thing we need at Christmas time is religion on top of all those other things going on. PHEW. 

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