Friday, 16 December 2011

the first snow of winter, the Yeti? and the The Angel of the Norse

The day started with snow, well cool although not enough to make a snow man or use the jet powered sledge in the field next to the house but the dog said he saw a Yeti or a Big-foot or something like that. And mum said something shot past her really fast this morning and vanished out of the cat flap. Would a Yeti get through a cat flap?

Sadly by the time I arrived at school the snow was just a wet soggy mass on the ground (OK I know that is what snow is, what I mean is it was slushy and YUK).  School was a bit slushy and YUK too today but that happens to the best of schools it can’t be helped, I did tell the headmaster it was not his fault the school was slushy and YUK today but he said IDIOT. That is hardly a friendly response is it.

I found out late yesterday that Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop won the Montgomery Christmas window competition …… I thought that was good but Mr Beelzebub says it is all a bit suspect as the judging papers have been nobbled (that’s sort of changed to those of you who are international readers) and he says it was our turn this year as it is a done deal and we all have to win in turn and one of the little old ladies made a mistake, so the judging card was nobbled (adjusted due to a technical error as it was put). Still I get a prize as I made the Angel of the Norse, it is The Angel of the Norse and a jelly bean, only I made The Angel of the Norse. So I plan to bury the jelly bean in the garden just on the off chance that it might be magic and keep my fingers crossed it will not be eaten by Badges, Badgers like jelly beans so I have found out after that long fight in the Badger set.

We also got our Christmas tree and I finally found ………………..  NO not them, but the charger for the camera so I can take pics again.

Oooooo by the way the Indian last night was ….Well Cool or as it actually was, Hot, but it was rather Yummy. The dog says it is great substitute on the roads when the council runs out of grit when there is ice or snow, although you must never use the Nan bread as it only makes the roads even more slippy.  Yet another useful Christmas tip if you get fed up with Turkey curry after the big day.

Our Classic Seventies Bungalow

The Winning Christmas Window in Montgomery

The view this morning while eating Coco pops YUM


  1. You are a strange fellow who lives in a charming place. I like that about you.

  2. You are very kind to say so, although I only have the one lucky charm, the shrunken head with the snake’s body, which I always forget to take with me when I go places.

    I notice you are named after a Einstein theory E= M squared L, the new revised equation to take into account the fact that stuff can move faster than light and as that Archimedes bloke once said IF YOU WANT TO TRAVEL FAST; TRAVEL LIGHT. Not many people are named after Einstein’s revised theories so you must be very proud. I for reasons best know to others am named after a robot, no not that mad 1950’s one, but another one who went to a masked ball ……. It is a very long story in fact just over 200, 000 words worth so far.