Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Acme Armageddon Universal Chemistry Set cure for a Head Cold and Gravity

I have come down with this cold now and am hoping it will be gone for Christmas. The dog is using the Acme Armageddon Universal Chemistry Set to mix up something to get rid of it. He says it is really good and I will be my usual logical self in no time. That is a bit of a worry I am not famous for being logical and nor is my diary and nor is the dog at times.

Anyway I have spent part of the day groaning in bed in a re-enactment of that old B-movie “Zombies in Duvets” and I spent part of the day delivering paper sweet cases to people who needed paper sweet cases. While Sooty the Cat was stalking Pheasants and Heavy Harry the Cat was helping the dog with an experiment using the Acme Armageddon Universal Chemistry Set. It was an experiment in giving things (cats) the ability to defeat gravity. In Heavy Harry the Cats case it is very useful in finding places to sleep so that he does not have to set fire to himself under spot lamps. It has been a successful experiment so maybe his cold remedy will work too. Mum said she does not think so and I am best to go and see that very nice Dr Frankenstein instead as it will be safer.  

Fiona Knight                since it is the winter solstice wouldn't it be easier to trek into the woods past the screaming banshee and take part in a coven circle, they would surely be able to use their divination to conjure up a remedy whilst making you dance upon hot coals to draw out the demon germs of the season

I might test the hot coals with Heavy Harry the Cat first Miss Fionaski as he has been practising all day on hot radiators

I did try this but I fell off, Where Heavy Harry the Cat slept for about four hours and didn't. 

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