Monday, 12 March 2012

You cant run fast wearing a KANGAROO outfit and a KIMONO

A misty start to the day, and another day at school for me, the Grey Office for the Ghost Writer and the Kremlin for the KGB.  Breakfast was Kippers,and the dog has informed us (and we KNOW why) that it contains no  Koagulationsvitamin or vitamin K to you and me, he says I would be better to roast a Kestrel and have KETCHUP with it. As a special K day treat all the pupils went to school dressed as large Gorillas. Mum got in a bit of a Kerfuffle making my outfit and dad threatened to torch it with Kerosine but it was well cool in the end bulked out with Kapok.

Unfortunately on route to school the bus went Kaput on the Kings road a few hundred yards from the school. So we all walked the last bit up the Kings road.  We did frighten a party of Little old Ladies who on seeing forty two KING KONGS and one Kangaroo wearing a Kimono, (that was Ken), and playing Kazoo’s, thought they were about to be kidnapped. Kevin was very Kind and did try and explain but speech gets very muffled in a KING KONG outfit and the little old ladies thought he said KILL the Kitten with a Kitchin Knife, which Kick-started a stampede.

The next thing was a man wearing Khaki, who we were told was a zoo keeper chasing us with a large net but we made it into school. Well not Ken he had a dodgy Kneecap and you cant run fast wearing a Kangaroo outfit and a Kimono with a Kittiwake sat on your head. Although Ken does know Kung Fu so did escape in the end with a knockout blow to the zoo Keeper.

The rest of the day was very quiet, Kris did ask Silent Kay who sits at the front of the class if she would like a Knickerbocker Glory at lunchtime or one of his Kookaburra sandwiches but she said Know ………… HAH AHHAH HAH HAH HAH ha hh hah h h ha haha hhah ha 

Kedgeree for dinner YUM, I might keep some for Auntie Karen, I could wrap it in Kelp to Keep it fresh.

I bet you think this was Kobbled together in a rush while I watched the Kettle boil through a kaleidoscope ……………..could be?