Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It was hot very hot but it is only March so what's the game then

It has been hot very hot, even hot if it was August only its still March (well Just). At School several of the Staff, which included the Head Master said the school appeared deserted but I told the headmaster and the other staff it was a mirage caused by the heat and madness due to dehydration.  The headmaster thought even in a mirage he should still hear the pupils moving about or the goat as it is catapulted over his office. But I told him that was due to very fast updrafts due to the heat.

It didn’t help that the caretaker said last year it was cold and snowing so this year he was making sure the boiler was on full blast. Apparently this is what happens in large buildings someone decides a date to turn the heating off and regardless of the weather that is the date the heating goes off.

The Ghost Writer was saying luckily for him he did not need to go into the grey office today because they have bolted the windows closed on every floor other than the ground floor as a health and safety directive. The health and safety man told him it was to stop the workers leaping out of the windows when they get too hot and then get delirious. They now just get very very hot and spontaneously combust so saving on pensions and redundancy payments.

We had Zoo Zombie Tart tonight, yes a day late really but then life is never quite as it should be. And all the veg and things are growing like things in the tropical jungles of tropical places, although as mum points out a few more weeks and we will all be banned from using water, not good if you are a fish or a duck or even an Olympic swimmer.

We saw three Buzzards having an aerial fight (in the sky not on an Aerial) and a Heron and a microlight today. Dad said Keep watching the Skies beware of aliens from Venus changing the climate. It is much hotter on Venus so MMmmmmmm but mum said IDIOT she means dad not me.       

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