Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Anti-Being of each person as calculated in a brilliant new mathematical theory.

It has been a quiet day and as we suggested yesterday, we have been chilling, I don’t mean we have been sitting in the freezer, as it happens the dog was sitting in the freezer at one point attacking a turkey (a Frozen turkey not a live one).

The weather has been a typical British day for this time of year so bright and sunny at times but very cold and also dark and rainy and we could see snow on the hill about half a mile away. Flipping in conditions about every half an hour, so every time I thought, I might go out it would suddenly change from sun to rain.

The result of which was I only made it as far as the greenhouse once to check on the lettuce seedlings for mum. I must take a picture of these to show we are almost ECO warriors now, which reminds me I must plant some potatoes soon so we can have organic chip butty’s.

I was also involved briefly in a short response to comments on the internet by Mr ESB and then that led into a little bit of mathematics (it’s the dogs fault he loves his maths). I know you thinking O YUK maths but it is very interesting because I have realised that we must all have an Anti-being (an equal and opposite person to ourselves). Mathematically Mr ESB’s mathematical opposite works out as ((ES)/ (4/B²)) the sums are quite easy as show below

ESBB     Each letter represents the four parts on Mr ESB’s name so:-

ESB² = 4

ES = 4/B²

(ES)/(4/B²) = 1

((ES)/(4/B²)) -1 = 0

Thus showing that should the Anti-being Mr ((ES)/(4/B²)) were to ever meet Mr ESB, he would cancel him out and they would no longer exist. What I don’t know is does the Anti-being of each of us walk about doing things on the planet at the same time as us. Personally and the dog agrees with me the answer is yes. But where are they? Are they on the opposite side of the world (maybe?) after all that would be logical? Which at one time would not have been an issue, but in these days of travel thanks to migrating flocks of Aircraft following the recently mentioned Easy Jet Stream it is far more likely that we could meet our own Anti- being,

This theory of course leads to further questions because it infers that half the worlds population are the Anti-beings of the other half, so I think that can only mean it can’t be possible to meet your own Anti-being. Otherwise surely it would have happened by now and someone would have noticed, and if that’s true it means there is someone on the planet you could never meet (your own Anti-being). I am presently trying to think of the person I could not meet no matter how hard I tried to, but strangely it has turned into rather a long list. And mum has added IDIOT.   

Ooooo by the way I did paint some lines too so I have been rather useful as well as mathematical  
today’s letter in my test A to Z of Blogging is “C” for calculations, or even “A” for Anti-Being or “M” Mad HAH HAH HHAHAH Hah hahh ah hah hah ah hha haha h ahahahahah  haah.



  1. Mathematical equations make my head hurt.

    I do however know that, 1 bar of Cadbury Diary milk Chocolate, cannot be divided into equal my house.

    1. I assume Miss Lily it is 1 bar for you and no bars for the Lil man, which might explain his need for banana and jam sandwiches.

  2. [Sorry, it took me a while to respond. My iPad doesn't let me paste into your comment box so I had to e-mail my looong message to My PC where the Fox de Fire browser works marginally better than Suffer-far-i browser of Jobsian lore.]

    ESBB = 4 (according to you)
    SBB144 = 1 (the model number of my favorite #1 Seiko Watch)
    E=mc² (according to Einstein)

    So ...
    SBB = 4/E
    SBB = 1/144 The Seiko (Dozenth)² Factor
    1/144 = 4/E
    144 = E/4
    576 = E
    576 = mc²

    from Wikipedia:
    The number 42 is, in the novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, "The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything", and is calculated by an enormous supercomputer over a period of 7.5 million years to be 42. Unfortunately no one knows what the question is. Thus, to calculate the Ultimate Question, a special computer the size of a small planet and using organic components was created and named "Earth".

    [end of Wikipedia paste]

    So ... 42 = mc²/(13.7)

    So ... The question hidden in "mc²/(13.7)" is this story:

    A very long time ago a mother named Eeee with 13 children and pregnant 70% of term, was hunting and gathering near the ocean when her youngest child spoke the mc² sentence,
    "Mom!!, see sea?"

    1. That Douglas Adams was a very clever man, I am very aware of his books and a rather good radio series. However Hollywood did mess the movie rather badly and removed the classic British quirky humour.

      The computer who calculated 42 was Deep Thought and thinking of deep things I sea that in cyberspace we have a Fox, an Eye and a Gate all communicating as one........ Yes indeed as it should be

  3. Maybe the Anti-Beings are those people we see in the mirror, they look like us, only reversed. I try to touch the Mr Mirror Me but he is cold to touch. I ask him questions, telling him the things you have told everyone, but he is telling me the same things back, so I fear that your Mr Rob Mirror Man has managed to spread his message far and wide, on The Other Side, that layer of silver.

    1. There used to be a restaurant in a place a long way away from here that had wall to wall mirrors. so when you went in to eat it would appear that the restaurant was full of people who were all you. But luckily there were more than enough waiters to go round. It was always full of Anti-Beings but sadly it closed. But what it shows is that Anti-Beings on the other side of mirrors are also Anti-Money so never pay for dinner.