Friday, 18 July 2014

Malaysian Plane (flight MH17), Russia, Ukraine and Politics and Truth

its a small world

As we all know, yesterday a Malaysian Plane (flight MH17) was apparently shot down over an area of Ukraine held by the Pro Russian Ukrainians with what is thought to be a Russian supplied ground to air missile system. And although they deny it the overwhelming evidence supports this view.  One could argue it is foolish to supply such a weapon to a rag tag amateur army who have appeared to be somewhat trigger happy in recent times. The Russians however would argue that they are supporting their colleagues over the border against the puppets of the decadent western powers.

We would have to assume that this was in many ways a terrible accident and that they really did think that the plane was a Ukrainian Transport plane, but it is no less sad and appalling for that.  However what I find just as bad is that, even though Russia must know who did this they seem to blame the Kiev Government for what happened. They are saying that it happened because the Ukrainians who want closer links to the west are attacking the pro Russian Ukrainians.  Interestingly they are not saying that the Pro Russian Ukrainians did not do it, and to me President Putin statement yesterday seemed very chilled, I am glad he is not my leader, although I am not a fan of the one I have either or the potential future ones.

Wars are not nice, terrible thing have and will always happen, but it does not mean that people should not be brought to account for their actions when it is possible to do so. The innocent with no say or involvement should not die or be tortured because of the power struggles of others.  Maybe the people of power such as President Putin should consider morality a little more and be honest about events like this and tell the truth.  

I live in ever declining hope that one day the human race will be better than it presently is, 


  1. Hi Rob,

    You have summed it up most eloquently. Indeed, accident, a misjudgement, nonetheless, something that shouldn't be happening, regardless. Let those who corrupt with propaganda get into a ring and slug it out.

    It does seem that Malaysian Airlines should not have been flying off a war zone. Tragically, it has showed how risky it is.

    Peaceful, hopeful wishes for a better world, good sir.


    1. A better world would be good, but it is unlikely

  2. Very sad mess. Overwhelming.

    1. Indeed Mr ESB and getting messier, I do wonder if there were Russian troops involved in this terrible mistake because it appears that open access to the crash site is getting more complex all the time.

      It appears to be turning into a East West superpower shouting match with little respect for those killed or their relatives. And at present it is looking like a public relations disaster for Russia on the world stage.

      As always the ordinary man in the street has no say.

  3. Will anyone be held accountable for a rain of human beings falling from the sky? Will Putin be ousted for his role in this via his mad power-grab and bizarre disdain of the seemingly everyone leftover from the resentment he felt as a KGB watching the USSR fall?
    The power paradigm in the world and within politics in general leave me very pessimistic. I wish there was something, some nugget of hope I could offer you or myself but right now, all I can do is keep my head down and hope to not be noticed by the power-mad among us.

    1. Russia should be a great country but it has always suffered throughout history with corruption and greed from those in power. It has not helped that since world war one their leaders have been paranoid that the West is out to destroy them. Lets face it the West has enough of its own problems to deal with these days.

      A system that will throw a punk band in jail for being critical and then appears to be unwilling to help when 300 or so inocent people are killed cant be good. I suspect history will not judge President Putin well as things stand, and he may get a surprise when he goes down rather than up in the afterlife. But he might meet some of his mates down their.

      I think my blog needs to return to escapism again very soon, but sometimes we need to acknowledge the starkness of the real world even in a blog full of Aliens, Zombies, Androids, Pointy Sticks, Banshees, Steam Powered Things and icecream.