Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Final Analysis of the 2014 Brazil World Cup and its achievements.

As the long reaching arms of the Knights Templar inevitably encircle the Holy Grail (World Cup) and the world watches knowing there is nothing they can do to stop it now (you will need to read this if you do not understand why). Little do they realise what I have discovered, which now makes their efforts futile. You see we need to look at the achievements of the World Cup as a competition in the cold light of day.

So what exactly has the 2014 Brazilian World Cup achieved as the two final teams (Argentina and Germany) face one another in their true colours?

Have the people of Brazil been left proud knowing that although they did not win, their team played like they loved football, like they did as kids on the beach pretending to be Pele or Jairzinho, running up the pitch being creative and taking risks . . . . . . .  AH NO.

Did it help to solve the terrible inequality and poverty that still exists in Brazil. . . . . . AH NO.

Were the ordinary folk of Brazil able to get tickets rather than them being all sold off at huge profits to the rich corporate bodies and the like. . . . AH NO.

Will the World Cup legacy help Brazil in the future. . . . . . . AH NO

Did it help just a little towards World Peace and understanding, a competition of true sportsmanship   . . . . . . . AH NO.

Has it made the World a better place . . . . . . . AH NO.

Is it the taking part not the winning that is important. . . . . . . . AH NO

Has the corporate world taken over the event so that it has become a money making machine for a few from advertising and appealing to corporate greed and elitism of the few. . . . . . AH YES.

So it is clear that the World Cup can not be the Holy Grail, but just a lump of gold or the whole competition would be an open, harmonious, and happy event without all that money stuff lurking in the background and all the secret wheeler dealing leading to suspicion of greed and corruption and a few men on a power trip.

So now I need to work out exactly where that Holy Grail is before you know who starts sending its Androids after me.

What’s that you say Skippy . . . . . . The old Funfair near Stockdale . . . . . . . Surely not


  1. Grail ... gmail .... DotCom AH I see a connection.

    1. Indeed they are all elusive and intangible things.

  2. Amazing how corporate greed gets in the way of a hopeful ideal of the World Cup unifying a nation, a world.

    Brazil is still a country of vast economical extremes and turmoil.

    I've heard a rumour about a Holy Grail World Cup to be held at your home. Have fun.


    1. I think thats a George Forman World Cup Grill we are having Mr G.

    2. Excellent! I'll bring the hot dogs!

  3. I made 42p profit in the (buy biscuits) world cup. Maybe I should float myself on the (get some washing powder) stock market and sell advertising space in my comments... (do you need a car?) hahahahahahaha(have you been mis-sold PPI?)hahahahahahahaha

  4. It is a great achievement to make some money out of the Football World Cup. Only the inner sanctum of those in the know make loads of money out of this normally. OK 42p is not loads of money, but i have to ask does that Frans Slatter or what ever his name is spend his summer holidays at your place. . . .

    What sort of car is it