Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Prince William and Kate only not that Prince William and Kate ........ but the Chinese Whispers Will's and Kate and a flibbertigibbet.

It is cold, windy and wet, this sort of weather is not good for the brain and dulls the mind so instead of a interesting witty informative diary full of imagination and inspiration, it is likely to degenerate into the ordinary and mundane. This would be disastrous for potential future book sales (Yes OK I know, no sniggering at the back).

Lets face it none of you would like me to write my daily diary in the following way would you.

Got up and had a wash, then I had breakfast and walked to school bus. Got the school bus to school and went to school, French lesson first so did French, I think; I don’t understand French so am not sure. Walked to next lesson which was Maths passed small furry thing shouting Oooo yes no yes really yes no go away, did maths then walked to the geography class  to do geography passed small furry thing shouting it was not me it was not me who chopped it down that cherry tree. Dave said the small furry thing is annoying and it’s cold outside.

OK that is enough of that imagine how you would feel after 200,000 words rambling on like that, apparently the dog says he does not have to imagine it because I have.  Well only sort of.

The small furry thing was last seen heading towards the headmasters office shouting AH yes no but it will yes it is apparently just a flibbertigibbet, well we have had a few of those about over time. I believe the latest one is called Higgs boson, not the one in the school corridor by the way I think he was called Brian Higgs or is he a footballer, never mind.

By the way I have made yet another error in my diary although it is not my fault this time, it is classic Montgomery Chinese whispers. But it appears that those Royals Wills and Kate were not in Montgomery the other day it was two lookalikes; the Kate lookalike had Steam powered legs and was going HAR HAR HAR HARDY HAR a lot while eating, and the Wills lookalike had a patch over one eye, was quite short and had six legs. Now I do realize that over the passing of time Royals have a habit of interbreeding leading to some strange anomalies, but I don’t think that Prince William bloke has six legs, although it might explain his control of helicopters because the more limbs the better with those things. Anyway it might just be pirates and lets face it, it has been a long time since anyone saw a Jolly Roger in Montgomery …………………. Mum just said IDIOT and that local in jokes (INN JOKES HA H AH HAH HAHHAH HAH HAHHAH HAHAHH Hah hahahah hah hah) are a total waste in an International best selling book …….. She ‘s right.

She has just added  in which case I don’t need to worry then …………… ????? 

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