Friday, 11 July 2014

The least important football match in the World Cup (Brazil 2014)

As many of you know I have been reporting the news from the world cup in Brazil over the last couple of weeks and the slightly bizarre truth behind the veiled illusion that it is a sporting event to find the best football nation in the world.  As if the general public are likely to be taken in by such a far fetched tale. One thing I had forgotten though after the terrible defeat of my Androids when they lost out in the penalty shootout against Argentina is that there is a play off for third and forth position. Yes I know I don’t see the point of it either, not now the Knights Templar have as good as got their hands on the World Cup (Holy Grail).

 My Androids (the Netherlands Team) are very despondent, they know they have let me down and I did turn one into a Ballet Dancer and one into a small Beast for refusing to take penalties.  And Brazil as we know are very despondent as they were beaten to a pulp by the German Androids of the Knights Templar.  So tomorrow the Netherlands and Brazil have to play yet one more game of football which will not help either in any way and certainly will not help me rule the world. 

Even my little scam to sell a few tickets for the match to folk for a slightly inflated price has not gone well. Mr Ray Gun it appears has had to do a bit of a runner when he told everyone that Brazil was in the final; not the third fourth position playoff, and it was all a bit of a mistake caused by a Butterfly flapping its wings in the heart of the Amazon Jungle. Which is as we all know the origin of Chaos theory, and the reason that Brazil plan to chop it down and create a car park in readiness for the next Olympics.  No one wants chaos during the Olympics so those Butterflies need to go.

Ooooooooo apparently the government plan to ban folk chewing Cats. . . . . . . I know it’s a bit odd

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