Monday, 29 April 2019

The 2019 A to Z Challenge . . . Letter Y


After the various wondrous possibilities of Plan X we are brought down to earth with a bump with Plan Y because Plan Y is a Plumbing System so called because of the shape of the 3 port valve. Well this is the nature of Plans some are huge master plans undertaken by mad scientists bent on taking over the world. And others are simple everyday affairs where a copper pipe is bent round a corner.

The one upbeat point to Plan Y is that any plumbing system worth mentioning will involve water and lots of it. And we all know what water means within the context of the now almost complete A to Z challenge, it means Ducks . . .

I used to do drawings like this for every letter once
But a chap would have to be Mad to do such a thing

AHAHHHHAh ah ah hah hha ha ha h aha 
a ha ha ha ha haha hahahhhah ahahah ah
a ahaha hahahhahaha
a ha ha ha ha 
a ha ha ha
a ha ha


  1. Interesting! And by the way thank you for the new look of your blog ;))

    1. Actually it is easier for me to read too, my eyesight is rubbish without my glasses I can't find my PC.