Thursday, 18 April 2019

The 2019 A to Z Challenge . . . Letter P


OK it’s time for, The Peoples Plan or Plan P. Yes after yesterday’s accidental drift into Politics, Pianos and Ducks I thought I could continue the theme tonight with the Peoples Plan. Using People is a cunning move used by many to add a touch of credibility to something; Like’ The Peoples Vote (Very popular in Britain at present), The Peoples Leader, The People's Will and so on. There is nothing quite like implying that the masses are right behind you cheering you on and that whatever you are up to is what the people want.

Here on the ever popular A to Z challenge what folk want of course is, The Perfect Plan. After all P is a long way from A but not yet close enough to Z to make that final sprint to the finish line. Some will now fall by the wayside and Perish their words drying up as they look at the Queues of folk ahead of them.  . . . . . . Q’s see what I did. O yes my mind is still as sharp as a Ducks beak or as this is the Letter P as sharp as a Duck Billed Platypus.

I have never drawn a Duck Billed Platypus so . . . .

Yes OK But it is sort of almost a Duck Billed Thing
And a Rocket
They are sort of Pointed too

OK Ducks are not very pointed
But that is not the Point.


  1. I always have been a perfectionist (with a touch of OCD) so finding the perfect plan was always, um, the plan. LOL!

    DB McNicol, author
    A to Z Microfiction: Parachute

    1. I sorry to be a bit late getting here today. . . . I have been out in the sun working on my workshop fitting the frame for a skylight. Because there are no plans and I am making it up as I go sometimes things can be a bit tricky. Then I chilled ate food and chilled again. . . . A chap needs to chill from time to time, but I'm back in action

  2. I cannot say I Perceive the Purported Platypus in your Post but I am Pleased, nonetheless, to Praise the Playful work of your Pen.

    Happy A-Z'ing!

    1. Thanks for calling by. . . . I do like the A to Z but just sometimes I am chasing my tail as I attempt to do many things. And Mmmmmmmmm my drawing is probably a step to far to the Purported Platypus as you may have perceived in your mind.