Wednesday, 10 April 2019

the 2019 A to Z Challenge . . . Letter I

A rather bizarre, slightly odd and somewhat rambling trip through an A to Z of Plans. . . . . Sort Of


O Dear . . .  Plan I . . . well I think I will reconfigure and say welcome to the new iPlan. Well when I say New . . .  I lie slightly because ever since those nice folk at Apple stuck an i in front of things such as the iPhone, IMac, IPad, iPod and iDer-Duck. More folk than you can shake an iStick at have stuck an i in front of words in a cunning plan to give their Plan/Product credibility which is why my own iPlan is an Inexplicably Intellectually Interesting Innovation of Immense Impeccability and a Duck free Zone . . . . . . . . Well it was Almost . . . . . . DAMN.

Pesky Ducks.

Yesterday our old house from the Outside
Today what it looked like from the Inside

You cant beat a flying beast 
Well not in a race 

Poetry for Insects

Insects are almost always rather small
But they think all humans are rather tall
So when they see us they get a bit of a fright
Which is why insects 
Will in general  
Give us 



  1. You have a gift for compact poetry that tells a story with a good punchline in very few words.

    1. I have written a lot of poetry over the years and most of it is terrible . . . But I really enjoy writing terrible poetry and it does make me smile when I accidentally come across one in cyberspace or on my PC. I have a Poetry Blog but it is somewhat dorment at present.

      And thank you yet again for visiting.

  2. Someone who fixes medical problems that start with the letter i should be known as an iDoctor or iPhysician.

  3. You should most certainly not attempt to beat a flying beast with an iStick. It simply isn't kind, and moreover it inevitably ends in broken lamps, vases, and other innocent bystanders.
    Black and White: I is for Isnashi

    1. You are of course quite right about that. But I am not the sort of chap who attacks beasts even small ones. I spend a lot of time saving tiny critters in the garden when I'm working, probably more time than I work in fact . . . . . . . . small critters can be very silly about where they decide to rest.

  4. You gave an iLaugh to my iReading today!

    DB McNicol, author
    Microfiction: Instrument