Saturday, 6 April 2019

The 2019 A to Z Challenge . . . Letter F

A rather bizarre, slightly odd and somewhat rambling trip through an A to Z of Plans. . . . . Sort Of


Now what sort of Plan could possibly fit nicely into the Alphabet here? Well of course there is realistically only one option and that is the F Plan. Yes you all know the one the Plan that involves eating masses of Fibre, Fish, Flamingos, Frogs, Figs and maybe the occasional Deep Fried Furry Critter.
Actually I have been informed that I may have got that slightly wrong and some of those things are in fact not part of the F Plan. Well that is not what the local takeaway told me at the time, they insisted that a nice Battered Flamingo was very much in vogue in the ever changing world of diets. Well they used to say that before they were closed down, apparently Panda Kababs are not entirely legal.

Yes I do go to bed with a glass of Milk Every Night
And Bedrooms should be Interesting.


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    1. Indeed I should have thought of Fritters but as I'm getting old and going mad so I feel I have an excuse. . . . . .

      Thank you for your visit I will be back to your blog in a couple of days to see how you are getting on. Folk are terrible at visiting other folk on the A to Z because everyone is too busy writing posts. Although in my own case I am busy outside cutting posts which is not entirely the same.