Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The 2019 A to Z Challenge . . . Letter H

A rather bizarre, slightly odd and somewhat rambling trip through an A to Z of Plans. . . . . Sort Of


If you Goggle Plan H then you will notice that there are a few Plan H’s out there. And I noticed at least one of them involves eating stuff. I suspect I might find there is a Plan of some sort for every letter of the alphabet involving eating food; Well I was not expecting that. However this was not my Plan and therefore I consider That my Plan has turned into The Plan of Horror, full of Hedgehogs Hobbits Harpies, Hyenas, and Hydrangeas. All of which I suspect are likely to turn up in one of those Plan Something (select your own letter here) Diets along with that cute Duck and some Horseradish Sauce.
If by any chance you are thinking he has mentioned the Duck again well it is for continuity, something that is important in a well-planned A to Z. Even an A to Z full of gibberish and a bit of Horseradish Sauce such as this one.

I used to live Here but I moved a few years ago as folk do.
All part of my own personal Master Plan.

A cat a witch and a mouse
One of which might turn up on Letter W