Wednesday, 24 April 2019

THe 2019 A to Z Challenge . . . Letter U


Remember that famous race between the Mallard Duck and the Mallard Train I have mentioned on previous letters of the Alphabet. The one on the 3rd July 1938 where the Duck lost in a photo finish. Well it is a very little known fact that in Holland a few years later a very similar race took place only in that case the Duck won. Which is why it was all hushed up and removed from the history books. At the time it was a total embarrassment for the Dutch Railways and passengers waiting on platforms would often make quacking noises if trains arrived at the station late, much to the annoyance of the railway staff. So the Dutch decided that they needed to undertake a plan to deal with this and so they adapted Plan U (U was a hint at the Duck problem)

You don’t believe me do you; well Google Plan U and see what Wikipedia has to say about Plan U  (go on try it) you will be surprised and you will probably stop and think . . . Maybe he is not mad after all. 

After all that’s what they said about Rumpelstiltskin and look what happened to him . . . . . . .


I cant remember why I drew this 
But is was rather a long time ago


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    1. But did you Google Plan U to see that I am in fact not lying . . . . Just bending the truth which is what much of my blog is about.