Tuesday, 23 April 2019

The 2019 A to Z Challenge . . . Letter T


‘Are we there yet’ . . . I can hear my brain saying. This alphabet thing is longer than you think when you are doing your best to keep a slightly bewildered and restless crowd amused via the magic of the Internet. Luckily there is now a light at the end of the tunnel, a tunnel that is full of soot and a rather annoyed Duck who is also heading towards the light at fair old speed which I estimate to be in the region of 126 mph (203 km/h) or there about.

Now you will be wondering about Plan T . . .  I suspect.  Well tonight I have abandoned my Plan and have Planned a Tea Break instead. This is the great virtue of the A to Z Challenge we can just say Ya Sucks Boo and make up our own rules and do our own thing. I mean if folk think . . . . I’m not reading this. . . . Well so be it

Hang on where has everyone gone?

The Front Garden on one of its better days

Full of Plan T's

HAHAH hah aha ha ha haha ha ha ha hah 
a hah ah h ahhahahah ah h hhaa 
a hahahha haha hahhaha h
a aha hahahah ahahhah 
h aha ha h h ha 
a haha hah
ha ha ha ha 
a ha h
a h
ha ha
. . . 


  1. Your post is how I feel about the end of the A to Z challenge. So done. And as you get closer to the end of the alphabet, the more everyone gets tired of participating. Kudos to you. You are one letter closer to the end!

    With Love,

    1. I like the A to Z really but I also like to moan a bit, I will say though the Alphabet can seem like a long way. Much depends on how big the letters are. I use thin skinny letters pushed together very closely.

  2. Ahhh, a tea break! Fits right in with my post...

    DB McNicol, author
    A to Z Microfiction: Tea