Friday, 19 April 2019

The 2019 A to Z Challenge . . . Letter Q


Ask a Duck which is his/her favourite Letter in an alphabet and he/she will always say the same thing Quack . . . . .Which brings us to plans involving the Letter Q and Ducks such as The Quad Plan of the world famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You see not many folk know this. Actually no one knows this but Frank Lloyd Wright based his designs on principles he learnt from watching Ducks nesting. It is why so many of his iconic house designs involve water, a hard shiny exterior and a white interior with soft yellow furnishings at their very centre. Although the novelty Duck noise door bells were never entirely a success with the public, partly because pesky kids would ring them and then run off and hide leaving an innocent duck on the doorstep to take the wrap.  Luckily most ducks are faster or at least as fast as a speeding steam locomotive as we learnt on a previous Letter. . . . . I bet you now wish you had read the earlier Letters, but I have no intention of telling you it was Letter M . . . . . . . . . . DAMN

He might look cute but OOOOOOOooo No. 


  1. Thanks for that new insight into the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Did you know that you also actually had webbed feet? Me neither.
    Black and White: S is for Space Creature

    1. The trick is always to make sure even the strangest tales have a certain amount of truth in them. This blurs the edges of fiction and fact even for the most sensible of readers.