Friday, 30 August 2013

Ghost Writers, Robots and Pop Up Galleries

After all the excitement of watching a grumpy old bloke celebrate his birthday as the bride to be at a henless night, things were a little more normal today. Well I say normal as it happens the bride and the soon to be husband of the bride to be came to see us, I use the word us in a vague way as they arrived with a present for the Ghost Writer who has taken to hiding in our garden. This is because he does not like people much and spends a lot of time shouting BAH HUMBUG over the top of hedges in a belligerent and grumpy manor, not an ideal Ghost Writer really but as I have said before he is very cheap. Anyway Mr S (the husband to be) has welded up a Classically Styled Retro Robot as a sixtieth birthday present for him, and I have to say his little eyes almost lit up (that’s the Ghost Writer not the robot) which means he was very pleased.  It is a very cool looking Retro Robot with some serious steel in him and seemed quite happy watching the Traditional Female Mallard Robot Steam Powered Duck, I guess it is because they are in their own ways both traditional yet a bit quirky much like the Ghost Writer.

I must run off now as we are off to a pop-up gallery to look at art and stuff but I will return soon. . . . . . . .

I have returned in an almost seamless way meaning that you have not noticed that it suddenly got dark and is late. I have chatted to many folk and also eaten chips and viewed the art of Mr Andrew Logan in Montgomery. He tends to use lots of sparkly things and colour and is a bit of an eccentric much like myself only rather different. I don’t think he is quite so keen on robots and zombies, but then lots of folk are like that, its all the death rays and eating folks brains that they find a bit off putting, but we all have our little faults………

Oooooo it appears the Ghost Writer is preparing a cunning plan with Bats?


  1. A cunning plan with bats? That sounds interesting! I hope you're going to elaborate later. The ghost writer sounds a lot like me, with his grumpy ways and the tendency to hate people.
    Love the retro robot :)

    1. That Retro Robot is indeed very cool and also very heavy.....

      I will be dealing with bats soon, first I have a wedding.