Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Cunning Master Plan and a Robot

Interestingly this evening I have noticed that a Mr Gary was saying in the wondrous world of cyberspace that what he needed was some clones to help him in his efforts to get everything done. I say interestingly because the thought had also occurred to me, because the Ghost Writer keeps making me move loads of stuff. Today he was removing cables from the ceiling void above his old office and said I was small and already a shambly dishevelled person so getting covered in Asbestos and toxic materials would not ruin my clothing. He has to wear a suit, well maybe not a suit, but they prefer him to look smart, although in my opinion he looks as dishevelled as I do.

But luckily dad had built a Robo-Rob as part of what he calls A Cunning Master Plan to replace certain people with obedient killing robots. So he said to the Ghost Writer that he could test the Robo-Rob to see if folk notice it was not me as in the real me, and that it would work faster then me anyway and not poke things with a pointy stick.

It apparently fooled everyone who all thought it was me, in fact the Ghost Writer said it was a highly successful day and I have never been so popular and that the only slight mistake was on the way home when the Robo-Rob destroyed a small car with a little old lady in who was driving very slowly in front of the Ghost Writer and then it laughed hysterically for the rest of the journey. It appears that the Robo-Rob and myself have got to have a shoot out later; only the Robo-Rob has a high powered death laser weapon and I have a pointy stick. Dad says it is a test of his micro nano technology to see if a robot or a man will win in a struggle to the death, battle of wits. It is part of dad’s cunning plan as he says it is best not to try and replace politicians until he has proved his robots work……     


  1. I think I wiLL take the opposite approach and replace machines with animals and plants. For instance there is Ralph my porcupine. Instead of using tiny pieces of wood from a pine tree to poke around in my mouth (toothpick), I should train Ralph to do the task with his quills. Poke with pine, porcupine, veRy similar sounding too! So that should work. So now I am wondering what I should do with Ralph my grizzly bear. Yes, aLL my ani-mauls are named Ralph.

    1. Working on the basis of similar sounding words I am going to turn all the Ralphs into Porky Pies....

      HAH HAHAH HAHHAH HAH HA Ha h ah ha ha ha hahhah ah ah ah ah hahaha h haha hah ah ah ha ha ha

    2. Hmm, maybe it is something British, I didn't get the haha-ness. I had chosen the name Ralph quite at random but the porcupine quite on purpose. Perhaps I should have a porpoise just for that purpose.

    3. We are rather keen on Pork pies over here in the UK (OK I am) so my plan was to turn all our animals into Porky Pies including the Porky-pine (sorry Porcupine).

      HAH AHHAH hahha hahahh ha ha ha, yes I know its rubbish, I will go and hide.....

    4. No! Stop & Unhide ... hahahahahaha