Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Huge Traditional Female Mallard Robot Steam Powered Duck and the Scale of Reality

Yesterday I was in a bit of a rush with my diary entry due to the lack of time, and this resulted in a little confusion as to exactly what I was doing with ducks, well today it only got worse but I will explain more in a minute.

Earlier we had taken Mr F with us to see Miss I and Mr S who are due to get married next Saturday while we were there we got to see their house and drank tea. And Mr S was telling us about his granny who apparently is a crack shot with a sawn off twelve bore riffle, although to be fair it is hard to miss stuff with a sawn off twelve bore rifle. There is an old saying that goes He could not hit a barn door ten feet away if he tried well once you saw the barrels off a shot gun it is possible to hit four or five of them all at the same time. So we chatted, watched strange folk chasing sheep, bees and looked at a telephone box. It then got rather dark and cloudy and we thought it was going to rain which in the end it did not, but I thought I saw a Neutrino shoot down and pass through the Earth (as they do). This is odd because in theory due to the scale of reality a Neutrino is seriously tiny, not rain drop sized which leads us back to ducks  . . . . . . . Yes, I hear your confusion.

You see once we got back home the traditional Female Mallard Robot Steam Powered Duck was still successfully swimming about in the Robot duck test pond, but due to some terrible occurrence in the Bermuda Triangle (sorry I mean the Berriew Triangle) an unsuspecting fishing boat and its crew found themselves battling a Huge Traditional Female Mallard Robot Steam Powered Duck who had got wind of its catch of fresh herrings. This of course is what happens in nature when the Scale of Reality gets muddled and you get rain drop size Neutrino’s. Luckily the fishing boat vanished off in the same way it arrived and normality appears to have returned for now. . . . . .

Oooooo yes; You might notice that the Robot Duck test pond is in fact the hole that had grannies carpet in. I thought it best to follow the advice of the alien message. If you do not understand any of that you need to read my diary more………

And luckily I have a witness to the truth of my diary today as Mr F saw it all…….

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