Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Shed Roofs, Cups of Tea and Aliens


It has remained sunny and so I have been working on the Homebrew Workshop a lot. What is frustrating is my brain thinks OOOoooo do this, and then you can do that bit followed by that other bit and then paint and seal stuff. My body follows along grumbling and demanding a rest while shouting at my brain . . . . . What the ******* are you doing now I’m old and knackered you know . . . . . Pesky Brain. I am meant to be retired you know. . . . . .

I suspect my body is much like other folks bodies when they get old and knackered. They complain a great deal and really hate an enthusiastic bouncy brain. Anyway by the end of today even bending down was a good reason to groan, followed by a slightly louder groan getting up.

However the task I wished to achieve is done. Which was to get the roof felt secured on the roof of the workshop so that if it rains in the next few days it will not matter. What made it tricky is that I have made a huge fixed skylight on the south side of the roof and I wanted that sealed and watertight and painted. Having managed that I now don’t need to get back on the roof again, I just need to secure the edges neatly. This is after all going to be a very posh workshop to make very posh things in.

I would add a picture of my work here to show you but by the time I had eaten . . .Fish and Chips . . . YUM ... and then rested and chilled for a bit it was too dark so a picture will have to wait so here is an old picture I drew of a UFO . . . Aliens are always keen to meet grumpy old men in sheds, as they tend to be Alien friendly and folk just think they are mad when they tell then Aliens visited me again last night while I was pottering in my shed. They do like a nice cup of tea and a chat about life.


  1. Ahhh, reminds me of the movie "Batteries Not Included". If you've never watched it, you need to!

    1. I am sure I have seen Batteries not Included, but my problem is my memory so I can't really remember anything about it. This is not ideal however the plus point about a dodgy memory is you can watch films loads of times and visit stuff and go WOW. Although it can be a bit annoying for everyone else who does remember the place or film from all the previous times.

  2. I am envious of the "completed task".
    I went to bed last night, thinking virtuous thoughts about my own completed task, only to discover this morning that the fresh roll of masking tape I used is sub-par. So I now have a new task - that of repairing the damage to yesterday's completed one.
    If I'd been on a roof, I would have rolled right off in frustration.
    As it was, I just growled a lot.

    1. The roof of the workshop may be completed but it was not without a major backward step when rain ruined the tongue and groove boarding when it swelled and snapped the screws holding the top section. Which resulted in dismantling a large part and redoing it. . . BUt we get over these issues and keep going.