Sunday, 12 May 2019

A view from a roof


What a lovely sunny day it has been today. This meant that I was able to do some really constructive work on the roof of the new workshop I am building myself.  I achieved a bit yesterday but being Britain when you need a guaranteed window of a few days with no rain, (they are far and few between)  when you get one you go for it... Today was predicted dry and so is tomorrow and probably the day after. And that is good enough for me to get that roof felt fitted. It seems I just bought enough too. With basically nothing left over so  ...  PHEW.

One thing about a lovely sunny day working on a roof is you get a great view of things. Our garden is rather overgrown which is good and it means it is full of wildlife, not just Zombies and Hedgehogs either. It is full of butterflies and all manner of small flying critters which is probably why we get House Martians chatting on the power and telephone lines. House Martins sound a bit like dolphins to me which might explain why we never see them in the winter. They turn in dolphins, let’s face it, it’s got to be easier than flying to Africa chasing insects for dinner.

Right a few pictures taken from the New Workshop roof today. . . . .

The summerhouse I built has a proper roof not felt
Note the Zombie trail across the field
Pesky Beasts.

MMmmm we do have quite a few trees and shrubs

You can start to see that a Zombie could hide for ages in that lot


  1. Great pics but the typo of House Martians was the best...LOL! I don't do roofs (I don't do windows either). But nice yard!!

    1. Ah yes Typing . . . . One thing I have remained consistently dodgy at for more years than I would like to admit too is typing . . . . There are a few deliberate mistakes from time to time but not on this occasion . . . . DAMN.

      I blame those complicated Pesky QWERTY Keyboards myself they have always tried to trick me.