Sunday, 13 April 2014

The WE LOVE XP . . . KEEP WINDOWS XP UNDEAD and the famous Professor George Aberchip Flightman.

Today was sunny very sunny and I have been out hunting Zombies, I need to recruit them for the campaign to save Windows XP, a campaign that so far has attracted a huge amount of interest. When I say a huge amount of interest, I am exaggerating a bit, OK a lot; it is in fact a huge lie. It has attracted no interest what so ever.  But I am not down hearted this is what happened to Professor  George Aberchip Flightman, He was never downhearted and fought on for years to ensure that his battle against the powers that be would be heard, and now he is a house hold name. He will for ever be remembered as the man who beat the system and proved that even in the face of the massed forces of government and the grinding wheels of bureaucracy and international corporate finance, being stubborn and determined will win out in the end.  I will become the George Aberchip Flightman of the future and will be able to pass his memorial and give him a nod and a wink in a knowing way.

Anyway the WE LOVE XP . . .  Keep Windows XP Undead campaign needs some street cred and one way of doing this is to get the Undead on side. Who could not sit up and notice as a happy smiling group of Zombies and Vampires shuffle down your High Street with placards  saying things Like . . . .  Save Our XP  . . . or . . . . .  XP has Good Bites . . .  or even . . . .  Give Us Your Brain, it can Help…….. or the classic The Microsoft Brains make good soup . . . . 

However after two years of battles with the undead with pointy sticks and the like I am finding it hard to convince them that I come in peace. I tried to show one of the clever ones why Windows XP has merit but he got lost at the point I plugged my PC into the extension lead in the garden. Zombies are not allowed in the house. He did cheer up and smile a bit when I showed him a cute cat on YouTube, his little face shouting out DINNER, but he sort of lost the plot again when he found he could not grab the cute cat from out of the screen. Annoyingly I now have Zombie teeth marks in my monitor. 

We did in the end make a deal and they (the Zombies) are willing to help on a one to one basis so for every XP operating system the Zombies help to save, I will give them a cute cat to chew on  a bit. . . . . YES YES I know it’s not what I planned, but cute cats are far less useful than Windows XP. In fact  . . . . . cute cats are less useful than Windows XP. . . . . is a rather catchy and useful slogan, I may use that

Right I expect support on this, just remember Professor  George Aberchip Flightman.

Oooooo yes I have the perfect WE LOVE XP Song  . . . . .Although you do need to substitute the words Bela Lugosi's  with Windows XP is



  1. Oh, I was con fused by the two blog posts having similar titles, thinking, wait, did I miss something, no, this is new art, yes, new words, weLL, may be knot completely new words but rearranged. Okay, I am now headed back to read them, as I kinda just woke up, again, that is a maybe, is this a dream?

    1. I think it could actuaLLy attract negative interest, in that someone like John Cleese would go around asking if they were interested in your idea, then John would threateningly discourage them from being interested in XPs and Xombeeez. Hahahaha I speLLed Zombies with an X, that is hilarious. WeLL, may be not hilarious.

    2. I suddenly got his idea that maybe the zombies may think of you in a Putin sort of way. So you may have to find the zombie equivalent of Obama and have it destroyed. You may have to ask around for Oh-bah-mah. Or maybe I am con fusing that with how a mummy might pronounce Obama. Ooo, I also noticed you are up to 114 followers!

    3. Sorry Mr ESB I sort of got all tied up in A to Z posts and have missed your comments. . . . . BAD very BAD.

      But I have found them now only I am off to bed although I plan to eat toast and drink hot chocolate first . . .

      Super cala fragalistic XP ally dough shuss.

    4. I like your XP word. I wiLL try to think of one for you.

  2. If you told me you were passing out cute kitty appetizers for getting behind your movement I would have done so immediately I love Windows XL or PP or whatever. Where's my cat tartar?