Monday, 12 August 2013

Wood, steam and meteors (abbreviated)

Dad has built a huge steam powered mutant man eating parrot (no the parrot does not eat mutant men) he said his plan was to use it to protect Captain Flint who as most of you will not know is the parrot who insists he is at least five hundred years old and knows where the gold is hidden. Anyway no one will nick Captain Flint now that’s for sure.

I was helping the Ghost Writer shift stuff today and as a reward was given another wooden desk and a load of wood shelving, wood is good you should always hang on to any that is being thrown out . . . .  after all as the old saying goes Wood does not grow on trees you know . . . . . . AH OK it does but that is not the point.

Anyway due to my good deed helping the Ghost Writer and then myself and my drumming colleague drumming, we were drumming in the meteor showers which are due tonight, plus the fact I am about to go and shout at the meteors, (I do like to shout at meteors as it is good luck) tonight’s diary entry is rather short and will end rather abruptly any second now. No I mean it, I must go and look at the sky…..

So bye


  1. I think it is okay to say finished wood products of integer proportioned dimensions are not readily available just laying about on the forest surface without human intervention especiaLLy if they faLL and there is no one there to barcode and properly stack them in the correct bin nor check them for the proper water content.

    1. Strangely they said something very similar in IKEA when I complained about the price of a bookcase.....