Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Wedding and Men Made of Hay

Today we travelled to the land of The Hay Man, it is a strange place where people make men out of hay bails and other folk wander about scratching their heads saying Why has he done that, but no one knows WHY, so it’s a complete mystery. I will say it is a busy place and trying to park is a right old game, so we did get a bit of a tour before we arrived at our final place of destination.

BUT WHY I hear you say did we take this epic trip along strange roads untraveled by everyday folk for many a long year . . . . . . . . That was the Sat-Nav’s fault WHY do they take people on routes that are designed for a horse to travel on, although we did refuse to head off down the one with a huge sign saying unsuitable for vehicles with grass growing in the centre of it. Ooooooo hang what was I saying . . .Ah yes WHY did we go, well it was the Ghost Writers Daughter’s Wedding, (that is Miss I) who married Mr S as they wanted to get married a bit further away from their home location.

Miss I is (or was) of course the bride to be who was not at her hen night where the Ghost Writer acted as a substitute bride to be on what was a henless night, and Mr S is (or was) the soon to be husband (now husband) of the bride who made the Classically Styled Retro Robot.

It was a successful wedding because they are now married and after they got married we all went and drank tea before we set off back on our intrepid return journey without the use of a Sat-Nav and many other folk vanished off for fish and chips. (we opted for a Chinese takeaway).

There will be a smallish party next Saturday where the Ghost Writer and other family members of the bride and groom will be able to grumble at folk and point and say things like GO AWAY and WHO ARE YOU and WHY are you making a man out of HAY. 

It’s a bit of a worry, the Ghost Writer at a party is not a pretty sight……..

Ooooooo yes interestingly the bride forgot who she was, I don’t think that is meant to happen…….



  1. 'It was a successful wedding because they are now married', good one.

  2. I am now in a slight state of confusion but it wiLL soon pass and I wiLL prevail and then later vail and possibly postvail.