Sunday, 11 August 2013

Time Travelling Butterflies and Sam the Parrot is Back in Harry Tuffins at Churchstoke

It was a nice day today and as I stood outside just after breakfast pondering, a plane shot over the house flying really low, OK these things happen from time to time, but on this occasion it looked just like a world war two Hurricane. That was a surprise and what was interesting about this was at the time the garden was full of cabbage white butterflies. Now some of you will say it is merely a coincidence because to put it bluntly you are a sceptical lot and some of you I’m sure have doubts about my diary, but its all true (OK mostly).  This sort of coincidence is however just too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence, to prove my point I want everyone who has stood in their garden and seen a WW2 fighter fly over at the same time as their garden has filled up with an abnormally large number of butterflies. . . . . . . . . .  You see my point is made.

But so what, I hear you type (as you do on occasions);  well as it can not be a coincidence then it can only be one thing and that is a Time Warp where our garden dropped back in time to a point where the likelihood of seeing a WW2 fighter is very likely. You see one of the lesser known facts about butterflies is they are time sensitive and if there is a likely hood of a patch of land dropping through time for a while they will gather at the spot and take advantage of the situation to go back in time to feed on pre GM crops free from modern insecticides and other nasty substances.

It has long been know in scientific circles that Butterflies can time travel but most scientists are loathed to say so for fear of being ridiculed by the masses and burnt at the stake.

Anyway after a few minutes the butterflies dispersed, and time returned to normal (I think).

Oooooooo one other small thing I have noticed that news of Sam the Parrot appears to have become almost impossible to find, as if he never existed, it is like he has vanished into a completely different time, a time when parrots were free to roam the planet eating cake and Brazil nuts in the rolling hills telling tales of pirate gold.  

Hang on just as I was having a cup of tea before I posted my diary entry I have news Sam the Parrot has returned and men have been arrested in Birmingham. . . . . . . . . .




  1. Dude, I'll give that soundtrack a miss, thank you very much.

    Sam the Parrot will be okay now. We assume the men arrested were from Birmingham, Alabama. Think I might have got that wrong.

    Butterflies do indeed time travel. They occasionally visit this dimension disguised as tubs of margarine.

    Good day to you, sir.

    Gary :)

  2. Wow! A plane shot over your house? Was it bullets, cannon or missiles? Any damages? Scarred or scared cows?

  3. On the contrary, I believe every word you write in your diary. I just think you're one of those people that attracts weird things to you, so you've seen much stranger things than the rest of us. I'm grateful that you share those things with us, because it means we can be prepared!

    1. I only believe the even numbered sentences. So I think statisticaLLy that means slightly less than 50 percent. The odd number sentences help me question my sanity.

    2. Best not to believe every word Miss Laura, as Mr ESB believes all the even numbered sentences it would be good if you believed all the odd sentences then that would mean 100% of what I write would be believed, but in a sceptical way.

  4. I'm worried about your spellchecker.
    Has he been abducted together with the parrot at Tuffinses?

    I saw a little yellow one there the other day, do you think Sam might have shrunk in the washeteria opposite?

    1. Me, spelling and grammar are a bad combo. But I never believe the spell checker,it is a bit odd on this Victorian PC.

      Sam is apparently a happy parrot again..