Monday, 10 September 2012

The strange robot like person.. Drums and straw bails

The strange robot like person in the silver suit who bleeps a lot and draws pictures of ancient mythical creatures no longer bleeps they now speak a bit like Stephen Hawkins, although they hate maths. So it was a bit of a shock to most of the pupils to discover that the strange robot like person in the silver suit who bleeps a lot and draws pictures of ancient mythical creatures is in fact Esmeralda or as she called herself ESsss…..MERRRRRR….ELDER, just as we were getting used to calling her Bleep.  I did warn Brian not to snigger and so it is his own fault that he had ‘Never snigger at bionic people’ tattooed on his head with her interchangeable clip on power drill hand attachment. She also told him that he had to tell his parents he accidently walked into a door and it is just a scratch or else.

I did have my suspicions all those mythical creatures that looked vaguely like goats being catapulted towards the supermarket with I Hate Goats written in red was a bit of a give away really.  Still this does not tell you much about what I did today does it.  I have been drumming this evening with my drumming colleague but it is not easy to drum when the Ghost Writer is complaining about having to go all the way to Brecon this afternoon just to fix a problem in 3minutes and 22 seconds on a computer and then driving all the way back again.  And wondering why there are so many square straw bails about this year rather that the round ones, because it means that they (the square bails) can be stacked really high on trailers, and then the trailers can be pulled really slowly by tractors on the main road for miles between Brecon and here.

Not really sure what I did other than drum today although I have lost some smallish bits that attach larger bits together that then make loads of noise, but without the small bits the large bits will make no noise. I do not like making no noise I am not that sort of person…….

Oooooooo before I forget …..I MMMMmmmmmmm forgot …….DAMN Ah yes how come we have such weird phones?



  1. I have vacuumed some in the night and there is a cylinder shape of ick in the coLLection bin of the Dyson. Next I am going out in the dark morning and whack some weeds. There isn't any planned geometry with them, other than a desired leveling so the neighbors do not complain. But first, The Coffee.

    1. I have bought a pineapple in order to try pineapple experiment number two. I will be looking for seed in a sort of look see a seed sort of way.

      But first I will save a spider from the bath and a cup of tea although possibly not in that order