Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The capacity of young absorbent minds to absorb stuff

With it being Tuesday we are starting to get into the right mental state to learn stuff at school. One thing I have learnt at school is that you don’t really learn stuff at school; it is merely a psychological mental prop that teachers use to allow our young absorbent minds to absorb stuff as we are not paying attention.

It is actually rather annoying to have a young absorbent mind because I get home from school some days and my mind has been filled with stuff I don’t need to know. Like today for instance there I was minding my own business in the history lesson watching a flock of Swallows as they shouted at one another, I assume they might have been arguing about the route south. In the old days this didn’t happen they just used a magnetic compass and sort of all thought OK that way. But now they have, satnav or if you are American I think you call it GPS (why? it’s a satnav) so the swallows argue about do they go the scenic route or avoid the toll road or pass the historic swallow falls in North Wales . I think the clever swallows will point out that they are north, not south and the flight path is unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles (?), Why is it heavy goods vehicles still insist on trying even when it says NO YOU WILL GET STUCK and then they get stuck.

AaaaaaaaaHhh OK what was I saying ……. OK yes my young absorbent mind in the history class when I was watching swallows (enough about them), I get home and suddenly I find I am thinking that Henry the Eighth was not very nice to his wife he kept chopping her head off. And how did she put it back on again, sadly my young absorbent mind must have missed that bit I will ask tomorrow.

Still he was not all bad because he made one of the very first cars so that all his loyal subjects could get to the out of town supermarkets, because it used to take days before then. He even named it, the Model T. Back then tea was very expensive and one of the few affordable places to buy tea was the huge out of down discount superstore. Henry was also famous for his quotations and once said to a flock of arguing swallows

‘When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. “

Sadly the swallows told Henry the Eighth to ****** ******** ****** Off so he had their heads chopped off, it is one of the reasons you seldom see swallows on the ground, they are playing it safe………. Hang on we are back talking about swallows again how did that happen…

Oooo by the way the Biology teacher is off sick today, as well as in a bit of trouble for trying to eat the doctor….

By the way does anyone know of any interest blogs I might be amused by, maybe a bit like my own 
with a bit of science the odd monster and a bit quirky
I keep looking but they are thin on the ground.


  1. I have heard of airplanes taking off aLL my life, but now I think it would be more positive sounding to take on.

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    2. t might get a bit confusing getting on and off the plane in the airport.

      I am off to get on my bed now, or is it I am on to get off my bed now. Actually we tend to get in and out of beds

      Goodnight Mr ESB I am confused now . . . .. . . .

      Silly keyboards