Friday, 14 September 2012

Aliens, Aliens, Aliens, Aliens, Aliens look out Aliens.

I know from the title of today’s diary entry it would not be an unreasonable assumption to expect some sort of alien being, but no after yesterday they have all run away again because it appears Mr Jones is back in the Woods waiting with his sub-ether intergalactic transceiver and an autographed photograph of himself with this friend Elvis. Not the real Elvis but an Elvis impersonator from Leamington Spa who told Mr Jones that he too has seen things that an Elvis impersonator with a powerful pair of binoculars should not see. I am not entirely convinced they are entirely on the same wavelength in their thoughts.

I spent yet another quite day at school having arrived late after missing the replacement bus. I think the problem was I was pottering about watching a buzzard which looked a bit eagle like to me, and the next thing I know, everyone was waving at me from out of the clouds of steam and smoke as the old bus (I say bus it was a bit pre bus) struggled up the hill. I did set off in hot pursuit but I too struggled up the hill and I don’t have wheels to roll down the steep hill on the other side. Interestingly the old school bus did have wheels but no brakes so in order to avoid crushing the new pupils who are still wandering about in a daze, the bus driver and his faithful stoker used the headmasters car to stop the bus, or as the headmaster himself insisted in calling it (the bus not his car) a Bl********* great traction engine; it did rather dent (crush) his car.

When I said look out aliens right at the start I was not telling the aliens they needed to look out, it was more a run round in circles with hands flapping about and implying we needed to look out for Aliens only I was lying a bit because today’s only real danger was Esmeralda’s  interchangeable clip on chainsaw attachment and in all fairness she was focused mainly on the goat. I didn’t know that goats could run that fast …….WELL COOL  



  1. You're right, you win, your blog is wackier than my own.

    1. That is very kind of you to say so, many thanks. I have also decided to follow you for the moment to see how things go. It is always difficult to know who to follow and I am quietly thinning blogs out. Not that any of the blogs are bad but it is difficult to follow a lot of blogs and read then all. Although few post everyday such as myself.

  2. With aliens, you just neVer know, are those hands flapping or flaps handing?