Saturday, 25 August 2012

The homemade Steam Powered Strimmer and the Strange Random Noise Enhancement Array

Today has been a day a very heavy showers and then warm sunny patches, and after a tense game of Paper Scissors Stone I found myself instructed to cut the grass between showers, which I did. Because of the wet I was forced to use dads homemade Steam Powered Strimmer it is not one of his better inventions for many reasons not the least because of its weight. Dad would normally use micro technology to build a miniature superheated steam powered multi piston expansion chamber with a heat recycler, but he say he could not be bothered in the case of the Strimmer. Partly because I always loose at Scissors Paper Stone so he never has too use it and he fancied going back to the roots of steam  with a big old fashioned cast iron boiler fired by coke (not the drink or the drug). That is all very well but it is not easy to strim the grass when it is all you can do to pick up the strimmer in the first place.

Still it amused the dog, the cats, mum, dad and the Ghost Writer (who was taking pictures to show his friends) and passers by on the road, in particular the big steam traction engine that went by, I am not sure where that came from or where it going but it looked good. Luckily in the end the rain became more persistent and the firebox got all damp so I lost pressure (the strimmer lost pressure) and I was able to give up; although I was to put it bluntly knackered………..

I have also been putting things on walls in the Orange room and trying to find various little black electronic boxes and cables that all link together to make The Strange Random Noise Enhancement Array. The little Black boxes are getting a bit old now the fact that two of them are in fact cassette tape based says much, I wonder if it is possible to still buy blank cassette tapes mmmmmmmmmm.  I think it will take some time to find all the various bits for The Strange Random Noise Enhancement Array but that is OK and I need to remember how it all goes together.

Dads Weather Machine is set for sunny tomorrow so that is good although he thinks he has got an infestation of slugs at present that are manipulating things on the inside, as dad says you cant trust the Shockley Diode Equation once a subversive rough slug has interfered with the barriers of the diodes….  



  1. When that lightning struck this afternoon the thought did cross my mind that your Dads weather machine had backfired and caused some kind of weather related feedback loop.
    If that is the case, your Dad owes me a new pair of underpants.
    If not, Then he doesn't and I shouldn't have mentioned it.

    1. I think he might owe you some new underwear, although he says it was not him it was the slugs in the machine, they have a plan.

      We did not see any lightning here but we did have a fair bit of thunder. I know thunder can travel a good distance so maybe your lightning was our thunder. Tomorrow looks sunny but the bank holiday Monday on this side of the country looks a wash out....

    2. I enjoy the rain on bank holidays. Keeps the campers in check.
      Maybe I could hire the weather machine for Easter next year. Is there a form i can fill in?