Monday, 13 August 2012

The Olympic Legacy of Legs,. curtains and 100% of an unknown fraction (X%)

Today saw a return to normality, I am not sure about you lot but I am quite pleased; I have thought about that legacy thing now for at least half an hour today wondering if I should run, jump, skip or throw large heavy things and get in training for Rio in four years time and weighing up all the pro’s and con’s I have come to conclusion, best not too. It is a lot of work and I have guitars and a drum so I have asked mum for a note to give to someone excusing me from Olympic training. The dog and I have decided that we will do what we do best and are going to make a large hollow wooden leg which we will take to the beach and sail it the short hop across the bay (short hop HAH HAHAHHHAH Hah aha hah hah ah hah ahhah hah hah hahh  ha ha ha ha)

Yes we will be doing our bit by sailing a Leg at Sea (Legacy) HA HA HA HA HA HAH hHAHH HAH HAH HHAH HAH AH HAH HAH hah ah h hahaha hhaahh ahhah ahhahahhahh ahh ah hah ahh hhhahha…… We thought if we painted it gold (in recognition of the British gold medals) we could call it The Golden Hind Leg

Normality today involved a trip to Shrewsbury to look for material for the curtains for the big orange room (although as we know it is already smaller now by the thickness of four layers of paint). The material we got is WELL COOL and was a bargain at less than twenty five percent of its original price; which was well expensive…..

One interesting sign we saw as we passed the hospital, well rather a lot of signs saying the same thing as it happens was ‘100% Part Exchange Guaranteed’ on a big block of new houses. Personally I thing the whole thing looks a bit ghetto like; it is not nice in this day and age to squeeze as many houses as possible into a smallish area but that is beside the point because I am confused by ‘100% Part Exchange Guaranteed’……. What exactly does that mean, am I missing something fundamental here about maths. I can see that it might be possible to have 100% of part of something but if you don’t know how big the part is of the whole, it sort of makes the statement irrelevant.  Anyway it annoyed me but in a reassuring way that makes me realize that the post Olympic world will soon be just like the pre Olympic world…….PHEW…..



  1. You had me at the title of your blog. I love your writing style. You didn't need to add all those hahaha's though, I was already chortling, but as quietly as possible because the rest of the family is still asleep. I'm an insomniac. Who takes sleeping pills, which wear off in EXACTLY seven hours. Sigh.

    We are dog shopping. What kind of dog do you have? Our definition of a dog is that it should be big enough that if accidentally stepped on, death is not a possibility. Little, yappy dogs drive me crazy. I've never met a little dog who ISN'T yappy. So my apologies up front if yours is a little, yappy dog. But I'm guessing not.

    Normalcy: school started for the boys on Friday - that's about as normal as it gets around here. My hubby The Engineer is very much like the dad in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Inventions and their detritus everywhere. You get used to it. He built an electric car. We're just saving for the batteries now. (I lost my job in 2009, it's been interesting...)

    I guess that's all for now. Thanks for your encouragement with the survey AND I gotta say, it's nice that someone noticed that it was WORK. I'm not usually a braggy sort (that's a lie, btw) but tallying, percentaging, writing, editing took five hours. Feel free to pat me on the back. I'm a hugger.

    Very nice to meet you, Rob.
    As promised, here are MY answers.

    1) I send an email, if the address is available, and when I'm not on the A-Z road trip, I return the visit. I'm about done with the road trip, not that I'm DONE, but I'm tired and school has started and my kids need me at home, not on the open road. Sorry if I didn't make it to your place. I still love you.

    2) I'd like an email and a visit, too. I know it's asking a lot, but it's my answer to the question. It's through the emails that I've built friendships and it's through friendships that I've met others, such as this A-Z gang, and that would never have happened otherwise. In case you don't already know it, this A-Z gig ROCKS.

    3) They're the same. Golden Rule.

    4) I read a huge variety of blogs because I support BLOGGERS not just writers. However, if I had to give a majority, it's writers, because they are the ones I tend to build the friendships with. My favorite non-writer blog is a photo blog called "Little Sealed Packages" and if google doesn't lead you there, it's in my sidebar.

    5) Yes, answered that above. Who wrote this survey???

    6) My blogroll has my best buds, my don't miss a post. Yes, you've all been terribly neglected. Two words: road trip. But I'm back now. I like to help promote those I find exceptional, and that's what a blogroll does, in my opinion. Of course, when I find myself in the blogroll at someone place and I hadn't noticed before, it's a golden star day for me. Thrills me to no end. Yes, I'm an attention hound. I believe I've admitted that before...

    7) I follow blogs I want to find again. It's a long list, but there are a LOT of really good blogs out there. Don't want to lose the address.

    8) YES. And tomorrow I'll tell you why I think it's essential. You are coming back tomorrow, right?

    Tina @ Life is Good

    P.S When I broke my right wrist into smithereens in 2000, I had to go to the bank and change my signature card. I wasn't able to write with my right hand for a year. The story is called "What Really Happened" and I have a search box at the very bottom of my sidebar.

    1. Well that is the longest comment I have ever had on a post Miss Tina... One must remember I am the Eccentric Child of Cyberspace, the dog is called Pythagoras because of his love of pies and Maths and his ability to talk Latin. He is a South American dog and and has red eyes and large pointy teeth, looks a bit like a Hyena only much bigger. It is not possible to stand on him because he is just too big but if you did he would eat you so we don't.

      I think a comment that long may deserve a follow back, not something I would normally do but that is a long comment..... I dont do email though, sorry about that but I do, do FB and my diary entry is posted there each day too. Ooo my typing is rubbish, and you see I do what I said I did in the survey I respond to comments with a comment.....

  2. ...and that's why I'm back. Not just to make my (try to be daily) rounds of visits to my favorite folks, but to see if you commented back. I think I like your dog. Picture somewhere? Don't have time to mine your blog now...I agree that standing on him sounds like a bad plan, though. Thanks for the follow. It's an honor.
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. I am glad you came back to check that I do what I say I do, you can never tell... As for the dog it is a long long story but he does not do pictures any more.... It is the Ghost Writers fault although he in turn blames Steven Spielberg who I believe said it was Warren Beatty's fault, but who can tell....