Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The China Syndrome, Chemically Activated Nuclear Fusion and IKEA

This morning must have been one of the wettest morning we have had living here, it was very very wet indeed and a little trip to Shrewsbury to get a bit of wood only proved that it was also very very wet in Shrewsbury too. However right now sometime after eight o’clock in the evening the sun has come out and we have blue skies and all is hunky dory again.

The result of this is that I have not been outside much today, but I have made myself useful by tinkering with electrical things. Nothing too clever just an IKEA 12v lighting system. They are rather sneaky those IKEA folk because although good at design they never quite get it right and tend to make their electrical things a bit on the margin. So transformers are always near the max limit etc etc.  

This gives me the opportunity to improve things a bit and tweak, so that some of these things from IKEA will be brighter, faster, longer and make a bigger bang when they explode. We all like a good explosion although not just above the dining table as everyone is eating their evening meal.  Dad says this is why he prefers steam powered things with a bit chemically activated nuclear fusion, Nano technology with analogue streamed data feedback looping technology and lots of gears and oily bits.

Captain Nessman is now slowly preparing for his epic adventure in China. I decided that I would celebrate this event by piling all the china in the house into a tall slender tower; for a short time one of the wonders of the world, until Heavy Harry the Cat noticed what he thought was his food bowl. Silly cat, he should know his food bowl is made of plastic not mums best antique china from the imperial Russian Vaults used by President Vladimir Putin himself for his Coco Pops at Breakfast time. WOW that antique china is loud much louder than an exploding IKEA 12v lighting system, I did explain that it was the cat’s fault and the tower was entirely safe up to that point, but mum still said IDIOT that’s not fair. Heavy Harry the Cat is happy, he has realized his plastic food bowl is in fact still OK and is demanding more food and has set off Sooty the Cat too now…..

I think I will return to doing electrical things again…..

Oooo by the way it may sound a bit odd but we have a ghost postman posting ghost post things through the letter box …….. A bit odd but these things happen…



  1. What...? Wait... can't end a post on "...ghost postman posting ghost post things through the letter box" and not explain what that means!

    What does it all mean Rob Z? Confound you sir!

    1. Well Miss Lily I will explain; for several days now and this evening in particular our letter box has been clattering rather loudly. A bit like someone is getting impatient and banging away at the letterbox trying to get our attention.

      Now if we lived on a street in a town we would blame this on children who then run away but our drive is about 100m long and the outer door with the letterbox is a glass double glazed unit we can see no one is there when the letterbox goes clatter clatter clatter.

      What is rather amusing was, I was just reading what you have written to all here and as I did the letterbox has gone clatter clatter. How cool is that.

      Anyway I have come to the conclusion it is a ghost postman posting ghost things to us. There are not many houses a ghost postman could deliver ghost post too without someone phoning a vicar and candles being lit and crows burnt at the stake and the like so we will let him be.

      Its a bit like the tailor who lived in the attic in the old house a few years ago, he was cool.

  2. Thank you Rob Z for that explanation. I was a little bit mystified as to what it could be, the wind rattling through the letter box perhaps? I know that's what happens to ours when the north wind doth blow...sorry, was trying to be all poetic...yes I know, I failed.

    Anyway if it's not the north, south, west or east wind, then it is indeed a strange occurrence. Curiouser and curiouser.

    1. Some might say that it could be the wind but it does not always occur when it is windy and visa versa or what ever the opposite is. I never like to look for a simple explanation of the worlds events when there are so many interesting and complex solutions to be found.