Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Greek Financial Crisis, the end of the World and the aliens

Saturday and yet another grey day, there is an old saying that goes 300 GREY days does not make a summer and I am starting to think it is quite a wise saying, despite mum saying IDIOT.

The Dog has gone off with Mr Jones, he is the man who gets abducted by aliens and experimented on. It appears he was abducted by aliens again last night while prowling about in the woods (looking for aliens). He says they were cunning, and were all dressed as policemen, they even knew his name saying “OK Mr Jones you have been warned about prowling in the woods at night” and when he said take me to your leader he was whisked away in a spacecraft with blue flashing lights and a noisy siren. After a night in a dark cold research cubicle where he was fed some sort of horrible alien food and a cup of tea, he was set free.

I am trying to attach a leg to a body today, but it is trickier than I thought and I had to remove the Olympians arm in order to do it, so now I will have to attach the arm on again. I am also working on a plan to make ribs, I have a feeling most Olympians have ribs, to tell the truth I am not sure how many they do have, so I will do it using aesthetics (not athletics HAHAHHAH AHh hah hahahah hah hah ah ahah aha) .

I noticed in the newpaper this morning (the Guardian) they were talking about Greece leaving the Eurozone and someone saying that it will be the end of the world and that we will all die unable to purchase a thimble full of water and a dried crust. This is because the entire world has lent Greece so much money that if they are unable to repay it then there will be no money in the world, (on account of the fact that we gave it all to Greece).

I have asked mum why the entire world has lent all the money in the world to Greece and she said because the bankers are IDIOTS……… Ah that would explain it. As it happens, the interest we were hoping to get back from the Greek loans has been lent to Italy and Spain as a cunning way to earn loads of money from the money that we have lent to someone else before they have paid it back.   But if we don’t get our money from Greece then the money we lent to Italy and Spain does not exist, which is fine because they cant pay it back either.

Apparently in the giddy heights of global high finance you don’t need real money just a piece of paper to say someone owns you the money, which was OK until a small child in southern Europe demanded their pocket money in real cash, starting a domino effect. And the result of all this is as The Guardian Newspaper and BBC news appear to be saying; The End of the World.

The Ironic so called Double whammy in all this is that the Olympics, which I am making my Cardboard Cultural Olympian for, are costing Britain a small fortune as they have done over the years for many countries, and who started these ludicrously expensive games in the first place ………… Yes the Greeks. Mr Jones says they are not Greeks but aliens who plan to take over the world by lending planet Earth “Martian Blings” a popular shiny coin with a fixed intergalactic currency value…………… Mum has said IDIOT again   



  1. All that money talk just confused me!
    And if I ever get abducted by aliens, at least I know I'll get a cup of tea while I'm there, it's good to know they have it! It would certainly be a comfort in that scary situation :)

    1. "All that money talk just confused me!"

      Is ironically what all the G8 leaders say when they get together to sort out the Eurozone and they even add

      "At least I know I'll get a cup of tea while I'm there, it's good to know they have it"

      Finally adding

      "Hay I know lets blame the Greeks they make crap tea".