Thursday, 17 May 2012

Donna Summer and the Cultural Olympian

Sooty the Cat and (Chico) the Chicken

Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do, so last night I did what a man has to do which in my case was to carry on making cardboard legs and part of a foot. Well when I say foot it was more a foot in a running shoe because a Cultural Olympian needs running shoes. I was planning to make a pair of cardboard Nike shoes, but they (Nike) are well funny about copyright, so they many have to a pair of Nicked shoes instead. Know what I mean A….. A….. Gov.

Today was sort of a grey day again and all was as it should be, well up to now anyway, and I am going to vanish off and make more bits of the Cultural Olympian so today is a very very quick visit to the wondrous world of cyberspace and my diary. As it happens the wondrous world of cyberspace can be jolly hard work at times, which is all a bit strange bearing in mind that it has very few moving part and mainly consists of electrons and the like and most of us stumble about in the dark not knowing what we are doing. Thinking about it that sounds like real live too so maybe they are the same except for the moving parts I’m sure real life has more moving parts. As it happens the Cultural Olympian does not have moving parts because I don’t have the time, although I have a plan to make a geared machine with loads of moving parts in cardboard but that is very much for the future and not now.

It appears the Queen of Disco (Donna Summer) died today. However in the wondrous world of cyberspace she continues to make music. And by a strange coincidence I was given some old HiFi this morning from back in the day when the Queen of Disco was at her best.



  1. R.I.P Donna Summers. Not a massive fan, but the stuff of hers I knew, I loved.
    Why are you making cardboard legs and a foot!? I'm in intrigued!

    1. I am now the sole member of the Monty Cardboard Robot Club and we(I) have been asked to make a cardboard robot for a show being put together locally by a well known artist, who has a studio not to far away.

      It is part of the so called Cultural Olympics which is a series of art and culture based events planned throughout the year but focused mainly over the period of the London Olympics.

      Anyway the key date for me is June 14th which is not far away, and as there appear to be some big names at this show now, I need to do a good job.

  2. Cannot wait to see pictures of the finished project. (Cultural Olympian)

    RIP Ms Summers.

    1. I will put some pictures up as soon as there is something to see, at present it all looks a bit like an IKEA flat pack monster from hell. Which sounds like a rather good title for a post one day

  3. Sounds really cool

    Yeah, I also saw the news about Donna Summer. Bummer.

  4. So, you are playing the role of Vincent Price in Edward Scissorfeet?

    1. I am.... I wrote something here and somehow I lost it again writing on your next comment how did that happen ???

      I wrote about the possible need to make one more finger I think?

    2. More Fingers

      I realized there could be a variety of ways to do More with Fingers.

      A) Make an eXisting finger larger or longer
      B) Add additional finger(s)
      C) Write the word "More" on the side of one finger, probably a large one, while writing "Less" on the side of a smaLLer finger
      D) Construct a robotic finger capable of performing sign language that would speLL out the letters m-o-r-e
      D2) The same robotic finger tapping out m-o-r-e in More-se Code

      Hahahahahaha More-se Code hahahahhhhaaaahhhaa (pause to breathe) hahahahahaha

    3. I think taking all into account you are more or less right

      I rather like the More-se Code because it will enable the option to see more code.

  5. Yes, electrons down wires, but ah, there be photons too passing through between me and you down a fibre optic cable or two, in the darkness and somewhat stiLLedness of the space of cyber on off on off on off on ... Giving us pictures of chickens a far.

    1. Yes it is interesting to think that a little bundle of electron, photons and the like is scurrying about between various wires and optical cables and the like with little snippets of information like pictures of chickens.

      Mr FB man Mark Zuck no longer sees these as snippets of info about chickens but as golden eggs.

      oooooo and we bought a pineapple the other day with a top so I am contemplating trying to do what you do and grow it. Just not sure what I should do. Have you posted a guide to growing the top of a pineapple anywhere yet. If not maybe it is time...

    2. Plant the top in well drained soil.

      I look at the top very carefully to be sure it looks okay.

      Let it dry for a few hours upside down before planting.

      Don't allow them to be outside if the temperature is going to be below 55 F.

      Give them water every day when it is dry outside and hot. Water twice a week indoors.

      I grow mine indoors for nine months out of the year, and then outside Jun-Aug.

      Oh, I'm sorry, I was giving you instructions for raising children, oh well, try the same things for pineapples.

      Weeeeeell, I am finished with my Grilled Chicken Sandwich, so I should go home and entertain the Poochie. I have been gone most of the d ay working on an air conditioner.

    3. We will follow your instructions and see how things go. I fear that the UK is not as pineapple friendly as where you are.

      We are also going to have a go at growing ginger, so tally ho chocs away