Sunday, 20 May 2012

The car rally and the Russian spies

Today we were watching a group of men directing vehicles, according to mum it was a car rally and true enough there was a succession of small sports cars that would stop have a chat and then drive off past the house. But me and the dog think it was some sort of cunning plan involving mums spy friends from Russia, because most of the vehicles were red; so AH HA you see red…….. Russian Spies drive red cars……… Yes yes mum has said IDIOT but it is all part of the cunning deception to convince me and the dog that they are innocent motor enthusiasts….. Mum is saying “it was a motor rally, it really was” but then she would say that.

Mr Jones was watching from the woods he has taken photos and he has his own theory about mums so called car rally. He says that they were all aliens, apparently aliens like red and it is plainly obvious that they are leaving the woods in small vehicles, but have not yet learnt how to read road signs. Thus the small groups of advisors at the junction to tell them where to go, he says they cant be Russian spies because they would drive on the other side of the road and only aliens from space are capable of driving on the same side as the British, (and German tourists in huge mobile homes).

That was all earlier however and since them I have had a bonfire where mum gave me a load of old papers that she said had personal details on and needed to be destroyed ………….AH HA you see again this proves my point first suspicious Russian car rallies and then the destruction of the incriminating evidence. Mum has said IDIOT again now, but then she would, because that is what spies do, call me an IDIOT 

Sorry I am a bit late tonight it was because of working on the Cultural Olympian, I have been aligning his arm, leg, and half of his other leg so he will stand up. It is working out slightly larger than I planned and If he was standing (He will be in the starting position of a runner) it would stand about five feet tall so close to life size, not what I originally intended. I have also made his neck tonight, so it is getting there. OK that is it I will go now I need to eat and drink chocolate and Cocoa and teach Chico the chicken to loop the loop.  



  1. I think aliens might like reddish green. Is that otherwise known as brown?

    1. So it is possible anyone called Mr Brown might be an Alien ...... Mmmmmmmmmmmm.