Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Seagulls and the Periodic Table.... Learning Chinese and Coffee.

Well it has been a day of a bit of this and a bit of that, Firstly my old sea fairing friend Captain Nessman of the High Seas was wearing his pirate hat. He has not worn his pirate hat for a while but then he has been anchored in a quite cove enjoying some sun and a little bit of peace while he learns Chinese. I have warned him in the past there is a danger of us Europeans, (OK he is from the United States but the situation is probably the same I’m sure), are all driven mad by trying to learn Chinese. Even the great mind of Captain Nessman.

So  I have told him to take care and not feed the seagulls. Seagulls are clever birds and can easily become addicted to human food. They told me once (the seagulls) “You try eating raw fish every day and see if you like it”, Yes Ok I understand their viewpoint, if it was battered (Not as in with a club but with a crispy batter) and served with chips then OK and the seagulls think the same so best not to tell them in the first place or let them get the taste for it.

NOW LOOK …… Why am I talking about seagulls, its that Captain Nessman’s fault?

 Elsewhere in cyberspace Mr ESB is making coffee and I have warned him too that  there is a tiny element of unpredictability (0.09539976 roughly) in the process of making coffee which means that sometimes it will taste brilliant and other times it will not, and yet the reason for this is untenable; the so called “Unpredictable Element”. Why it has never been added to the periodic table is anyone’s guess but I think it is a good excuse for a conspiracy theory (but not tonight). It is why I don’t drink coffee, but do drink tea.

Finally I have started to do something on the Montgomery Cardboard Robot Club Olympian Robot and think I have a plan of sorts as to what he (or she) might look like, maybe, sort of?

Ooooo by the way the weather was OK today and the cats were lazy

Sorry for too many OK’s but I guess most of you are OK about it HAH HAHAHH AHH AHh hah hahahah hahh hah ahahaha haha hhaha hahaha ha.  



  1. The secret to learning Chinese without going mad is to learn it very slowly, very incompletely and pick a non-Mandarin dialect. The slow part is self eXplanatory. The incompletely part is reasonable because there is so much to learn, so you can always make an eXcuse, "Oh, I haven't got to that particular Chinese character yet ....". The reason to choose a non-Mandarin dialect is because Mandarin is the main dialect. So if you choose an Eastern Welsh Chinese dialect it makes things so much easier, at least for you. I plan to stick to a Northern Texas Just South and West of Oklahoma Chinese dialect. See, I have been studying Chinese for a long time and I'm not mad. What?!? I sense you disagree with me! How dare you! I said I am not mad, iam not mad, I am not mad! Iamnotiamnotiamnotiamnot ... Ooh, sorry, about that, um, maybe I have had a little too much Chinese this weak, oh so,, sorry.

    1. There are some rather good Eastern Welsh Chinese takeaways but they tend to talk in numbers so if you say 15, 37, 22, 11, and maybe 45 you end up with a rather nice meal.

      However if you meet one of the members of the family from one of the Eastern Welsh Chinese takeaways in the park for example and say the same numbers they will tell you to ****** ****** ****** and ******. So talking in numbers is also very tricky.

      And I'm sure you are not mad, sorry I mean are you sure you are not mad, sorry I might mean you are mad

      I have a computer that has Mad in China in small print on the back