Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Great Gazebo Grab and a Pair of Partridge

It appears the weather has gone mad again in the UK, sunny one minute and pouring with rain the next and on a couple of occasion’s heavy hail so it has been very confusing indeed. It also made our raid to dismantle a gazebo in a garden rather a mixed affair. When we got there to do the deed it was lovely and sunny, but once I removed a few screws committing me to dismantling the entire thing I was attacked by rain and then hail. It appears I was the main man to dismantle the gazebo and the others said they would act as lookouts to ensure the gazebo grab was a success. Unfortunately due to the weather I had to abandon the last two posts and they are still in the ground, I then loaded up the getaway car while the others maintained a lookout for passers by, aliens, possible zombies and maybe the odd gorilla. We were after all in the garden of the gorilla gardening trip. It appears that it has been deemed by the powers that be that the gazebo was in fact the wrong sort of gazebo and had to go.

I have to say it can be quite a squeeze getting 28 people and a gazebo in a car and not appear suspicious but as the weather at that point was rubbish no one noticed legs arms and heads hanging out of windows and doors except a couple of partridges who were chasing food as we arrived home. So we did have a successful gazebo grab and as long as I don’t write about it we will have committed the perfect crime. . . . . . . . AH DAMN.

Apparently there is a master plan afoot to get the remaining two posts which right now appear to look like goal posts so no one will notice that a huge wooden Trojan Gerbil has vanished, (how can a plan be afoot anyway? . . . . .  silly saying).

The plan (the other bit of the plan) is to turn the Trojan Gerbil into something more useful, mum has suggested a packing case for dads weather machine which dad insists has only gone wrong because a new cat up the road has taken to sleeping in the micro condensing filament tube aligner and so every time it rolls over the degaussing flux coils deactivate. I can see how that might happen; it would be very annoying if the world’s weather was destroyed by a sleeping cat. Although cats are a bit like that.


  1. As you say the weather is changeable. Today like winter. I enjoyed your post....the wit still there I see.


    1. I think the wit may soon vanish again heading south for the summer to warmer climates. I would too but I have not had a passport for years now.

  2. God, I hate it when the degaussing flux coils, deactivates in the micro condensing filament tube aligner. Same thing happened to my hairdryer the other day...oh, maybe it was just a blown fuse...I get the two confused sometimes.

    I've had approximately 2 days were I didn't have to wear a long coat and boots. TWO DAYS! Roll on summer and I hate summer! :)

    1. Hair dryers I am not good with hair dryers I tend to stick my head in front of a fan heater and just shake my head about a bit. Leading to a causal hair style.

      I am hoping for better weather I have much to do outside and do not like being out in cold hail, as I was when dismantling the gazebo ending up very wet and very cold. . . . . .I like summer