Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Request for five happy things from Mr klahanie

This is an additional little post I have created and its all that Mr klahanie's fault as he has been playing blog-tag where you get tagged and then do what ever it is required of you to do. Mr klahanie's seems like a nice chap and has all the ingredients required to make him a member of RATs; because he is a nice chap I have decided to do the blog-tag game although I will not be passing it on to others to avoid the inevitable pyramid selling scams of the past. Where innocent folk bought what they thought were good wholesome ancient pyramids from Egypt only to discover they were fake cardboard pyramids stolen from baby and toddler groups across Britain . . . . . . . The scream of “someone has stolen my pyramid mummy” still sends a shudder through the financial world to this day.

Sorry a distraction .. .... . . 

I am here to tell of five things that make me happy (five that's hard)

The first is snowmen, I love snowmen and will make then when ever I can, even if there is almost no snow. Say hello Berty

Pets, although you should never smile at a crocodile. My bed which the cats have confiscated 

Beaches, I love the sea and you can’t beat Scotland with no massed masses on it sunbathing. This was the view from the tiny stone  holiday home we stopped in on our last holiday (some time back now)

Fairy lights you cant have toooooo many fairy lights, this was last years temporary structure to eat out in the summer (someone nicked summer though) 


Making cardboard sculpture things such as pyramids and selling them to the punters (OH DAMN what a give-away) 

OK Mr klahanie Duty done i will go and write my diary entry now PHEW


  1. One of my favorite poems is Sea Fever by John Masefield

    1. We all like a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover or a blogger of blogs with a pirates tale surfing the seas of cyberspace.

  2. That was great Rob sure Gary will be pleased.

    1. I hope so I have based my effort on his own post

  3. Rob,

    Well done dude! In fact, such a good job from your regular, or irregular schedule, that I wont tell the blogger police that you tampered with your tag to try and stay out past your blogging curfew!

    Kind sir, I salute you in the nicest possible way!

    Gary :)

    1. Thank you Good Sir I seldom do these things because of time more than anything else, but I thought I would give this a little go. Glad you liked it.

  4. Hello Berty!

    WOW, those babies and toddlers, have remarkably good speech!

    As much as I hate rabbits, I've always loved that cardboard creation of yours. You're are truly a man of many talents Rob Z. :)

    1. Hello Miss Lily and Mr H . . . You are correct about the babies and toddlers, lets face it there are many teenagers who cant string three words together. And who will soon be having children who when they grow up will turn into rebels and turn round to their parents in the supermarket and say things like. . . . . . .

      "I say patter does one have to buy that non organic HP sauce; and you really must stop turning up outside school in that shell suit".