Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Thoughts of a distracted man are the thoughts of a genius....... According to a hare

I think my theories on global warming and time shift took another step towards becoming a mainstream theory rather than what the headmaster called it, a mad hair brained loony idea put together by an IDIOT. I did ask the headmaster if he meant hair or hare because if he meant hair I have loads of hair and it is my ideal so that is OK, if he meant hare then to the best of my knowledge hares have some really good ideas. I sure it was a hare that invented Pi or was a hare pie invented by a man with hair. Still this is all a distraction again from the matters in hand, in fact what is in my hand right at this very moment is a keyboard otherwise it would not be possible for me to type this….. AH sorry I got distracted yet again, it is all these silly saying like ‘A single duck does not a pond make’ or the rather appropriate ‘the thoughts of a distracted man are the thoughts of a genius’…… Anyway what was I talking about?

Have I mentioned that is was damn hot today PHEW it was hot even hotter that yesterday and yesterday was hot. One solution to this is too have a rather good spicy curry from your favourite Indian takeaway so that is what we have just done while trying to watch a bit of Paralympics basketball between the USA and GB for the Bronze medal. Only I have returned to my diary so all I know is right now it is all equal and anyone’s game. I have also been out to look at the sky because it was looking pretty cool too; so I am now trapped between my diary, the sky and a game of basketball.

I am also rather curious to know why dad and the dog seem to have made what looks like yet another rocket in the garden, I am not getting in this one all that happens is I end up in trouble or the freezer section of the out of town supermarket where they now have a sign saying no manned rockets allowed (or rockets manned by dogs or goats) in fact no rockets of any sort EVER.

I have just been for a quick peek to see basketball and I think the USA are going to win and the sun has also vanished so it is dark now, so it is just me and my diary only I think I have just about written enough tonight. As the old saying goes ‘He who writes last writes rubbish’………. …….. ……… ……… ……… AH

The Ghost Writer still has a copy of this LP in mint condition 
He says it is rather good.


  1. A couple of comments come to mind:
    1) aren't the Olympics over? Or did you mean the Olympics for disabled athletes? We call them something else on this side of the pond...
    2) We're not cat lovers around here...we have a fabulous organic garden, make our own compost, and the town kitties call our backyard home. Fights for top of the heap (literally) happen all the time. HOWEVER, we are dog-sitting and gee, haven't seen a cat or a squirrel or so much as a mouse since he arrived a week ago. Perhaps it's time to get a dog.
    3) I agree no rockets in the freezer. Sorry. You'll just have to crash elsewhere.
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. the Paralympics run in parallel with the Olympics but are run completely separate to the Olympics, however they use the same facilities.

      They have been a huge event in London and in fact the opening ceremony was much better than the Olympics. So we are looking forward to the closing ceremony tonight...

      We rather like cats but the cats and dogs all get on round here. They both chase squirrels though, who have had a hard time since they started singing Tip Toe Through the Tulips last year....