Thursday, 30 August 2012

the Paralympics Opening Ceremony, Miss Fionaski and Neil Armstrong

So today’s big event was the Ghost Writers Birthday and we all had a family get together to celebrate this and bought him a great big present. However this is not the only reason we are a bit late tonight is the opening ceremony of the Paralympics and we are watching a bit of it. I say watching but we missed the start due to the Ghost Writers party. We are also doing what we did on the Olympic Opening ceremony we have sneaked away as they work there way through the alphabet. WOWS there are a lot of countries, some I have never heard of at all. But it does appear that the Paralympics is more diverse and cosmopolitan and that is good.  Anyway we are waiting until we arrive at say Zanzibar then we will go and see how it finishes tonight. I just hope we don’t have another two weeks of Chariots of Fire on a loop or I will complain to someone and wave my arms about in an annoying way.

As for other news Miss Fionaski has returned from her secret mission to the moon, a week ago I was not sure why the Russians would send their top spy all the way to the moon but with the sad death of Neil Armstrong all is now clear, it was a way to boost KGB funding.  Yes I suspect Neil Armstrong memorabilia will make a fortune on ebay at present, particularly those things that were left on the moon like the stars and strips flag and the rock that Mr Armstrong wrote ‘Neil Was Here’ on. Then there are things like the life size inflatable Elvis which Neil Armstrong was told off for taking and he was forced to leave behind. It was this that started that rumour that Elvis was alive and well and living on the moon when it was spotted by keen amateur astronomers one night.  You are probably thinking would the KGB really go to such ends for funding, but sadly with the ending of the cold war, needs must.

OK I have been away watching the big end of the opening of the Paralympics games and all I can say is overall I think they were better that the Olympics by a long way. There was some really cool stuff. And the Paralympics flame arriving on a zip wire from 350 ft on the top of that ArcelorMittal Orbit was very very clever. And lets face it having an Ian Dury song in the middle of it was brill, but then I am a fan of Ian Dury so would say that, and science, so the inclusion of a huge Newtonian telescope was perfect timing for tonight’s diary. I was even impressed that the British team all dressed up as Neil Armstrong and Steven Hawkins and the moon were there. So all in all it was ******** excellent. The only snag now is it is tomorrow again …….. DAMN…   

Ian Dury's protest song has  a bit of bite .... I was pleased they played it tonight



  1. I was totaLLy fuse conned, which is a strange form of confusion where there is a lack of fusion between the fuse and con part and the con part has gained a ned and they are in the wrong order, by your photos, not realizing at first (or second) that the chicken was in them. I even thought (with thought possibly too strong of a word) that the second photo possibly had a Nacho Cheese Flavored Dorito brand chip in it in the left side, just above the middle, close to where Wyoming would be on a map of the lower 48 states especiaLLy if you eXcluded Florida and wanted to eXclude the state of Maine, but then you feared for your safety as weLL as everyone else, with the logic being, "Uh-OH, better not irritate author Steven King" but I can never remember if he is a -v- or a -ph-. On closer inspection the NCF Dorito chip is not the same shape as Wyoming and would require that the western half of California, Noregan and Ashington be trimmed off AND/OR the Dorito is a slightly displaced state of Idaho. I have been to Idaho once and I remember the average color of that state being somewhat close to being a NCF Dorito, so people, we have a match! (My apologies to The Chicken)

    1. Thinking about it Dorito seems like the perfect name for a chicken, it gives it a image of a well travelled chicken with possibly interesting relatives from exotic places like Wyoming and Doncaster.

      I plan to read this again in more detail later Mr ESB as I need to do stuff now.

  2. Never mind about Chariots Of Fire, either someone around here has been reading your blog, or they've just discovered Prog Rock, because my neighbour (2 doors down)has been listening to Fanfare For The Common Man, on a constant loop. Plus it was on again on Top Of The Pops 1977 last night! Rob Z Child Of Cyberspace, your influences are clearly now reaching beyond the boundaries of the stop it!

    Last night's opening ceremony was undoubtedly much better than the one that went before but then the lil man and I are science geeks. Though I confess to falling asleep during the parade of the 100,000 countries taking part.

    Happy belated birthday to the ghost writer! And chicken is watching far too much telly recently, his eyes are beginning to go square.

    Ian Dury, LEGEND!

    1. Yes I wrote the first half of my diary during the parade of 100,000 countries without knowing what was too come. and it all strangely fitted into place like a glove (although that depends on where you put the glove)

      I have noticed a few coincidences of late where things written in the diary suddenly come to pass in the real world. maybe I am like that Nostrodarmus (not sure how you spell that my PC wishes to change it to Non-Standard, stupid PC)

      The Ghost Writer says Many Thanks and agrees that Ian Dury is a LEGEND...