Thursday, 30 August 2012

Moon Rock, Channel Four, Paralympics, and adverts

We had a surprise visit from Miss Fionaski today who arrived with a present for the Ghost Writer of Biscuits from Mars. Apparently you have to eat them in the morning and they have a strange unpronounceable name which when translated says Biscuits of Curiosity, so I know they must be Martian…. She also had a small piece of Moon rock for him that was all wrapped up in a strange newspaper with Martian writing on it, I think it must have been Martian because I could not read it. It appears the rock has NA 69 on it which I think stands for Neil Armstrong 1969; anyway I have now put it in pride of place in the Big Orange Room, after all it is what the Ghost Writer would want, if I asked him…. Which I won’t.

It is an interesting piece of rock because half of it glows, this will explain why the moon shines some of the time but not all the time, it all depends on which way the rock is pointing

We have just tried to watch a bit of the Paralympics, which started today only we have just given up watching a bit of the Paralympics because Channel Four who are in theory showing them, seem to be more interest in cramming in as many adverts as possible, so about every 10 minutes or less before they have another break. It is so annoying that even hitting the mute is not helping much, resulting in us all switching off and returning to things of a more practical nature, not sure that my blog constitutes something of a practical nature? But now I can say in my opinion Channel for have got off to a really rubbish start showing the Paralympics, lets hope they get their act together and show a bit more sport, less adverts and less waffle …….

I also had a bonfire today (yep another one) and another pile of stuff has been burnt just the raggedy bits of two rather large trees to go so just two huge piles of stuff left HAY HO. OK that’s it I am off how to look at a guitar and do a bit of this and a bit of that……..nudge nudge say no more.



  1. Is there a particular reason why the biscuit has to be eaten in the morning, or am I being thick?

    Ooh the Lil man has just discovered Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. That's another one of my albums consigned to the flea pit of doom! That's his bedroom by the way.

    As for channel 4, two ads in 10 minutes!! Curses to the BBC for not buying the rights.

    1. The Lil man appears to getting into all the right music.... Well done Lil man.

      As for the biscuits I am unable to tell you why they should only be eaten in the morning. No one has eaten one yet so we dont know. Miss Fionaski also ran off before she could explain, so it is a mystery (we like mysteries though so COOL)...

      Yes Channel 4 are going to be a pain in the backside over adverts. We tried again as I posted this to watch a bit of wheelchair basketball, it was WELL COOL but they went to adverts with just over three minutes left saying it is OK we will be back to show the end. I think they miss the point or maybe not, so I have been shouting **** ***** ****** ********** ****** and the like at the television. I am not a fan of televisions at the best of times and that many adverts is like Grrrrrrrrrrrr.